Thursday, July 28, 2011

Playing Dolls with my Sister-in-law

You can only ask a really really REALLY good friend or Sister-in-law to help with a project of this magnitude.  And so, I admit that I took full and unashamed advantage of a really really REALLY sweet Sister-in-law last Friday.  I'm so excited with the results that you know, I must share. 

The underlying purpose of the project was to combined all the original dolls, reproduction dolls, finished dolls, naked dolls, arms, legs, heads and parts into one of my two glass front cabinets that face each other. Therefore, creating space for all of my jewelry making paraphernalia.

And did I tell you that nothing had been dusted or polished in years?  Kristin removed everything out and onto the studio work table.  She dusted everything.  She polished the glass shelves and mirrors.  And then I did the easy part.  I put them all back and their new spots.  And I ended up with plenty space for all my jewelry stuff.

All of the above pictures are from one side and the below pictures are from the other side. 

notice the doll reflections in the bead bottles and in the boxes!

Two of the three sections of this side is for my jewelry making stuff.  I haven't rounded it all up yet.  This is just the tools and supplies that were on the studio work table.  I will continue to gather the jewelry stuff this weekend and I sure am missing my really really REALLY sweet Sister-in-law.   


  1. This is all very understandable to me, I have all these beads, tools, embellishments and the stuff that is also so pretty. Some is in tubs, some in tins, some out. I have this metal allergy so not too much metal. BTW if you ever have to have knee replacement remind the physician. I think you mentioned the same allergy. Bless the SIL and the help. Also you had wonderful company that loved the things there were to do.

    I am always so thankful to you and the article in CPS it has given me so much , enriched the days so much with the art and loving the faces. Broadened the artisic life is what you did. thank you

    So now out to the garden to do some picking up of weeds and cutbacks.

    BTW the company's apintings were so good. the jewelry to pretty.
    Tangible things that say look what fun I had on my vacation.

  2. I thought these photos were from a store you visited!!! I can't believe they're all, you make jewelry and paint and sew and garden and make dolls...amazing all that you do....I know this list is longer...very talented!!!

  3. Can I borrow your sis????? Looking Terrific Sharon!

  4. I remember you mentioning doll making at one point or another but had no idea... Your SIL sounds like a gem.


  5. absolutely LOVE the doll/body parts arrangement!
    And those shelves units are to die for!!!

  6. Those are beautiful cabinets and I love your doll and jewelery collections! I did not know that you made jewelery and wish you would show us all of your pretty's stashed in those boxes, lol! Do you think dear Kristin would make a road trip? ;)

  7. superbe genial c est toi qui dessine bisesssssssss

  8. You're killing me, Sharon!!! As you know, I am a doll maker as well. I just made the decision to sell my molds (hundreds of dolls) to clear out and make room for all the things I do now. Looking at your beautiful pictures I'm having doubts!! Of course, you know the "messy" end of dollmaking so nothing is lovely around my pouring area like the beauty in your pictures! Oh, well...I guess time marches on and new interests take precedence over old ones. Of course, I can never totally let go of anything! I am keeping everything under 10"!!


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