Saturday, July 09, 2011

Saturday WIProgress

Here is a start and I'm totally bummed! My camera battery just conked it won't charge.  And I can't exactly go and get one and I just want to take a nap now.

Thanks to all who are commenting on my last post.  I'm getting you added to my blog list. xo

Maybe I can use my old camera. I'll check.

One more thing.  I used the "original size" photo on this post.  I love love big photos but does it give you any problems?


  1. Absolutely beautiful - oh how I wish I was quietly peeking over your shoulder, watching your create this. But then, that might interrupt your thought process.

    No problem with the pic size - I usually post my blog pics as 'large'; when I try extra large the cover the sidebars.

    Must get back to writing about Potagers - my task for today and I;m running out of time. I want to stitch tomorrow.

  2. I have no problems seeing your picture.

    And I just love the colors and the figure at the picture.

    I come and visit your blog next time you upload at new picture in the VIP.

    Best regards from Denmark from Kirsten :-)

  3. No problems with the picture size at all! I like the bigger sizes so I can ponder over all the details easier. I just knew this new painting would have stripes!!! Don't know why I find stripes, checks and swirls so appealing and conforting; guess it's the whimsical part of me or maybe the paths of the design that go on and on, never ending. Kinda like life.

  4. THIS is beautiful beyond words, sharon. it is so gorgeous in this stage right now, it stands on it's own, with nothing more...although i see that hand dipping in paint that cannot be stopped!
    and i ADORE my naps, glad you took yours :). xo

  5. No problems with the photo here. Sure wish I could sit and watch you,paint that is. Just had my nap.

  6. Oh Sharon! She is just wonderful! I am speechless, but can't wait to see your finished piece!!!:)

  7. Oh Sharon, I had so much to tell you and I can't remember, I was here a few tinmes yestrday and then I was gone and in the garden this morning knowing what it was, now I see this WIP, and I just saw an artist on TV tht my mother took classes from and my mind is so Blank now.

    She is going to be so beautiful and her start is just that also, looked long at all the background work also and the lovely swirls at the bottom.

    Naps are important, I support the idea and practice the doing.

    OK if I think of the things I wanted to say before I will be back. It was not profound it was just something I think about understanding something you said.

  8. Bummer about the battery! But the painting looks great. No problem with the photo size for me.

  9. This is working out sooooo well I can't wait to see it finished. I have never worked out how to post a large photo... but this is really nice because you can see all the detail... just stunning.

  10. What beautiful body language you have captured...and I love the Klimt influence beginning in the bottom section. This is going to be gorgeous!!!
    Love the bigger picture too. Doesnt cause any issues for me either.

    Jacky xox

  11. O my I LOve this one and the black and white leggings:O) Gorgeous:O)

  12. My eyes are getting so bad, I actually rejoice when someone uses large font and photos, lol! I have seen your work evolve so much over the years we have been bloggy is truly amazing the things you are doing! Many hugs, friend. Gina

  13. The picture comes in wonderfully clear for me. Great to see the details.


  14. if you ever do a class on this and how to do folds in clothes, I'm so there!

  15. I don't know how you get so much done! this is a large painting! I love it...can't wait for the next post! I'm very fond of stripes...I don't know why.... so her them! Are you familiar with Graciela Rodo Boulanger? She always uses stripes and lots of color...her faces are very different from yours! You both have...whimsy :)

  16. Sharon - this is a stunning painting - I went over to your Etsy shop to see if you sold it as a limited edition print...but didn't see anything. Are you selling prints of it?


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