Monday, October 03, 2011

More about collage

There is just something about this magazine photo that I like. I can't say what it is. But I have been staring at it all weekend. Maybe you like it too.  If so, I have left it HUGE and if you click on it you can capture it and save it to use in your next collage.

Before I share with you more about collage, I want to thank all of you you for the at-a-girl about my last collage painting.  You have no idea how your words feed me, warm me, and make me smile. 

I'll be brief now:  
1. I don't like the time spent trying to decide what collage papers I should glue down.
2. For that matter, I don't like the time spent collecting collage papers. 
3. I know there should be a certain amount of spontaneity.
4. If you don't have interesting collage papers, you can't make an interesting collage. 
5. I'm not crazy about the mess of papers.
6. I like the painting part and once I get the paint brush in my hand, all the uncomfortable stuff goes away.

So, after all that, I think the most important thing is having a nice mix of interesting collage papers.  


  1. Oh My - wouldn't that be AWESOME to have a wallpaper stash like that!
    I have 5 rolls of vintage so nothing in comparsion to this! LOL
    My favourite part is also the painting over top....

  2. Wow! That photo is amazing! I'd love to be able to just start pulling out those rolls and looking through them.

    I understand about your feelings on collage. I keep trying to organize images and snippets of paper but it gets overwhelming. Sometimes I know I have a certain image I want to use but then can't find it.

    Your collaged piece from the previous post is beautiful.

  3. I just went back through your latest collage piece photos, I love it! Was that image of Isabella Rossellini? She's such a beauty. Loving your inspiration here. :)

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  5. Oh my! I would like that wall full of papers! But maybe, 1/2 papers and 1/2 BOOKS and magazines!
    Collage is such fun but it does create a ton of storage needs. I gather stacks of magzines and books then in the Winter when I don't go outside, I sit and cut out pictures, items, words, then trim them and sort them into labeled bins (body parts, men & boys, girls & women, babies, birds & nests, eggs, animals and so forth!). Of course then you still have to sort through a bin to see if you have just the right piece you're looking for. I'm doing a simple bookmark right now that should take maybe 20 minutes or less but be darned if I can find the bird I want. Others will do but I get a thought in my head and it won't go away. So that 20 minutes has been a week! :o) Wallpaper sample books are wonderful as are the cut samples in stores but the books sure do take up space.

  6. Oh and by the way; each time I go shopping or in my room to play, I think of YOU! I had 1 container of NAPKINS and now I have a BIGGER container for napkins! I can't stop picking them up, even get upset if the dollar store or other places don't have any good ones! LOL See what you do us?

  7. Funny...that photo actually makes me a bit uneasy...
    I wonder if it is anticipation of the huge mess I'd have after I went thru it all...haha!

    I don't spend a lot of time on my background papers....I find I usually cover them more than I intended anyways...and can't even see most of what's going on underneath :)

  8. I'm just getting into collage. I use mostly the old and bad watercolor paintings I create. I also use lots of old music pages, and others from old books. I also do some fabric collage with laces etc. that I am really enjoying. That is a great photo you are sharing. Thanks.

  9. I agree with everything you said!!! Absolutely 100%! I started collecting papers for art journalling you know, the collage and write kind. Well the collection grew and grew. I discovered I like to paint more than collage but I have to admit that this class with Katie showed me a new way to collage and paint in that I can disguise my backgrounds, which I have trouble with btw, and focus on my main painting. I get so caught up in my center of attention that I get confused with the background. Your classes also taught me how to use paper napkins for which I am grateful but now I have a lot of ugly napkins as the pretty ones are hard to find here. But there you go! Lol!

  10. I know just how you feel about the photo, I think it's all of the circles that do it for me. Thanks for sharing.

  11. It reminds me of the Shop Around the Corner...but for wallpaper. Charming photo. I can see why you've been staring at it.

  12. It all gets rather mixed as one can collage first and then just paint a face or person, or the way you did with the papers that had a face that you changed and created or do some collage over the painted face which I did in a painting I will show if I get it ready this evening. I don't like the many papers and stacks of bits, and floating things when I start looking. The trial and error and the thinking it is just right and then far from it. Yet I still love it, really love it, it is quicker than putting things together for an art quilt, or I get them ready for the art quilt and they are right but I lose interest because it takes a while, this is faster and there is a quicker gratifying experience there.

    So you spoke a lot of truths, it is a funny thing, and I like to mix it up and in the end can anyone see how I mixed it up? Another funny thing.

  13. That photo is absolutely amazing - there is something about tattered collections. No matter how tidy I try and be with all my paper for collage - it still gets in a huge mess - I guess that's just part of it!

  14. Oooh I love this too. Will definately save it to my images to collage at a later date (thank you for sharing it with us Sharon).

    I love painting over the collaged papers, but somehow I always manage to cover some of the best bits!!!

    Your collaged work is amazing.

    Jacky xox

  15. Thanks so much Sharon. I already have a great idea for the picture you so kindly gave. I agree with you about all the papers though..remember what our generation taught us..waste not want now..a real curse for an artist don't you think?

  16. I agree with much that was said. If I find something good for collage I'd best use it right while I'm inspired. If it gets put into the "bin" it just seems to languish. Usually I get the idea first and then look through old magazines or books for ways to help execute it.


  17. OH MY GOODNESS, this is terrific sharon. and thank you, i printed out two of them. i would love to visit this place, but it would be too dangerous monetarily:. and yes, i sure need some more collage papers, i concur with janet, and have to clean out my "STASHES" periodically. THANK YOU!

  18. LOVE the photo. I, too, am challenged about how to organize the papers that I collect for collage. I have folders labeled "architectural, female, nature/creatures, black/white, etc"...but it is so time consuming finding that perfect piece when you want it...

  19. At first glance, before reading the text, I thought this was your collage collection! I almost fainted...


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