Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Class Announcement

Cost: $ 68..00
Registration:  Open
Classroom Invitation:  November 1, 2011
Start Date:  Friday, November 4, 2011

I continue to be obsessed with faces and painting faces and now, I have added collage to the mix.

This is a mixed media workshop about painting collaged faces and discovering that the collage images inspire the story. It could be a story that you have no idea you are going to paint. When that happens, the thrill is huge and that is what I hope to share.

Additionally, I want to share with you how I got comfortable with all the collage fodder and where I look for more and how I organize it.

Most of all this is about painting collaged faces.  I demonstrate using metallic paints for flesh as well as other paint media.

The class is full of videos demonstrating my painting techniques from start to finish; it is all there.

The supply list is short and is available on the main page in the classroom

Hey beautiful artist,
The classroom is not quiet ready for you.
So, you will not receive the class invitation email until November 1st. 
Then the videos will start on Friday November 4th.
The videos will be offered over a three week period. 
Thanks to everyone who encouraged me with this project. 
I ♥ you!
I appreciate you!


  1. Fabulous class, my friend! Whomever takes this will be blessed by your talent!

  2. This looks like fun. I have a couple of questions about the class but I don't see an email address.

  3. Hey Melisa, your email isn't connected to your name so here's mine. sktomlinson at g mail dot com or you can ask your questions here if you want.

  4. how long will the class be available, sharon.... my time is limited these days and i soooo want to take this class.... ;-)

  5. So excited I of course want to do this...Do you remember how I made arrangements before? May I do that again. For instance tomorrow.

    Sent email with same question. how we have corresponded in the past.

  6. Forgot to say the class is open ended meaning there is no end date. Thanks Janie for reminding me.

    Emelie, yes indeed you can send me a check. If anyone else needs to do that, just email me at sktomlinson at g mail dot com

  7. Hi Sharon, so, just to clarify...will the videos be available after the 3 week period? I would love to take it, but not sure I can work it in over the 3 weeks. Also, can we download the videos to watch in our own timetable? If not, will you be offering this on DVD eventually?

  8. Great Sharon! I've just signed up, and I'm glad there's no end date--pretty busy right now, but after November, I'll have more time--thanks so much for offering this class!

  9. Have you ever considered putting the class on a cd to sell? As a working person, it's hard to do the online classes sometimes but if I had a cd/dvd of it, I could work at it whenever I find the time...just a thought! For $68 I'd like to have it in my library with unlimited time to give it a whirl...

  10. Hi Sharon! I just signed up for your class - and I think it's kinda cool that the only other online class I'm taking next month is Christy Tomlinson's! Are you related? Anxious for classed to begin!

  11. This is so exciting! I'm like a kid in a candy store. I can't wait. dix---


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