Thursday, January 19, 2012

What do you want from me?

I can't get this question out of my head where it popped into several days ago.  Furthermore, it has absolutely nothing to do with the below photos that I started to share several days ago.  You see, the correlation of the two is only that it happened the same day. 
I've been to Arizona to celebrate the Golden Birthday
of this child who was 12 on the 12th of January 2012.
she likes to make faces to the camera.....she is only 12!
Here are close ups of the project I shared several post ago.
We celebrated with more than one jewelry making party. I made the charms for incorporation in their memory wire bracelets ahead of time.
Here is a little pictorial with a tip or two about pouring Ice Resin.

Here is the simple lesson I learned.  I knew when they pooled over that the first side would be ruined if I let it set.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  I just picked them up and with a paper napkin rubbed off the resin.  I was able to polish off the wet resin and lay it back down and pour again.  It didn't even leave any napkin fuzz.  
Then there was Lizzy!  I tend to want to add one-too-many drops of resin. Can't help it. Fearless.  But Lizzy's must have been just ever so...not level.  It didn't pool over until it sat for a while.  So, it was good that I used the glass cake dome because I could walk by and take a look.  I really doubted the last time would work because the resin had been mixed for at least 1½ hours and was really stiff.  However, I think the stiffness is what kept it from going over again.  I'm very pleased with how they turned out.  They were all so near perfect.  And they were a huge hit with all the girls. 

So, I don't know who the question, "what do you want from me", is far, but if you would like to address it.  Please feel to share in the comments. Perhaps it will help me get this off my mind. 


  1. YOU are WONDERFUL and so is all their work and yours! oh so SPECIAL!

  2. The bracelets are pretty but I noticed the hands first. Something about all those hands together, I just like it.

    Hmm, I don't think the question is for me. I don't want a thing but what you've already given. Maybe the question is for yourself and that's why you can't get rid of it. ;)

  3. The question was from ME, Sharon!!!!

    I have been thinking of you for like a week now. And wondering whatever happened to that wonderful gal I used to know from Texas with the sweet voice and great ways of showing me how to paint colorful faces?

    And my mind would answer me that she is just too busy for the likes of me now. I don't take her classes as I'm too busy with the oil painting.

    And I always end up thinking I wish I would hear from Sharon. I miss being in your circle Sharon, but I know you are soooo busy with your people.

    Your art is so delightful that it always makes me smile. And so I read your blog with your voice in my head. It makes my day! Ok, now I'm off with a smile to head back to my easel.

  4. What do I want from you...just that you do like you did now and before and show us your work and talk of the ordinary and not so ordinary. Have you made a list lately of all that has been done?
    Huge amounts.
    Those girls beautiful hands, those slim fingers that no arthritis has settled into and the graceful wrist that has the pretty beads and charms.

    You are so much appreciated and just think, by people you have not even hugged yet. Thank you so much for all.

  5. I hope many people read this comment from me and realize that I am the most fortunate in the whole world. I love that you are my sis-in-law, and am so thankful that you spoiled our Aubrey Beth. The party girls wear their bracelets all the time. The moms are thankful that you spent time making the special charms. My friend had a great time and has made her bracelet too. Oh my what a blessing you are to us. And I guess that is what I want from you, I want you to know how much the Tucson Tads love you! XOXOX

  6. Sharon, these are amazing. the first time i saw them sitting under that glass lid i knew they would be beautiful.

    what lucky girls!!

  7. What do I want from you...? Hmmmm. I want the constant inspiration that I gain from coming over to your blog. Getting to see the gorgeous art that you make. Sharing in the little things (like beautiful veggies in the summer) that you share. You are so special and so talented. I appreciate your giving of yourself on this blog. What I want is for you to be happy and to continue to fascinate all of us with your talents! xoxo

  8. I think there are many of us who would just like to be your neighbor! Without the internet we would never have been able to enjoy all of your gifts...I still think you could illustrate a wonderful children's book! Just keep on being you!

  9. These are wonderful Sharon! Thanks for sharing.
    What I want from you is to stay your sweet creative self and keep sharing with us on your blog!
    I wished we could be neighbors as well.

  10. Gorgeous work and congrats to the birthday girl!!

  11. I want you to come to CA again so we can get together for coffee (big smile). Other than that, I just want to see what you are creating. Always something new, always something wonderful. Love the charms.


  12. I'm thinking maybe the question is coming from Norah....maybe she has a special face or creature on her mind that wants to come out. Could be Sharon and Norah spreading themselves too thin, trying to appease everyone and forgetting to do what makes you happiest. Maybe finding the picture from years ago was a hint to go back to basics and do what you love the best. Maybe a short quiet vacation is in need to clear your head of too many things circling around and voices all wanting a piece of you. You know how it can't please everyone, even those closest to you and you can't be the best of everything you do when you do too much. Just be youself, do what you feel like doing or what NORAH is pushing you to do and just let all of us LOVE you for being yourself and showing us the way to maybe break out and free with you!

  13. What a fun thing to do with the girls...I love that first photo. Makes me feel so happy. I'll bet they wear their bracelets all the time and I bet many of them keep them for years to come and one day will show their granddaughters. How special.


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