Monday, January 23, 2012

What's in your water heater closet?

What's in your water heater closet?  Maybe you should check.   You might find one of these.

"One of these" is defined as a work of art from long ago.  I'm sure you have them stuffed somewhere.  Don't you?

We recently had to replace our water heater which is housed in a little closet that opens from the master bathroom. There is room for the vacuum and all its attachments.  But there is also room for one (or more) of these.

Imagine my surprise when I emptied the closet to discover that she matches this master bathroom color scheme and now hangs proudly in there.

I created this batik many many years ago. I would say at least 30+ years.  Long enough that I cannot remember what my reference was but I would guess a picture in National Geographic.

I haven't any new art to share so I just thought she might interest you; as well as, remind you to go and see what is in your water heater closet.

PS:  Thank you so much for your sweet, thoughtful and encouraging words after my last post.


  1. wow this is such a great find, its so beautiful. x

  2. She's been patiently waiting for you to find her again :)

    She's lovely!

  3. She is absolutely lovely Sharon.

  4. Well; it doesn't matter its long ago you made this. It's beautifull.
    Nice to see this.

  5. oh my goodness, sharon...she is so beautiful and so different from your work now. what a grand find! i better go through my closets too! xo

  6. She is beautiful!!!!!:O) What a great find...I dont want to look in my waterheater closet

  7. That's a good find from your water heater closet. This made me excited to open mine ASAP. It's kind of funny that you forgot that you made a beautiful piece like this one, and then bumped into it 30+ years later.

  8. Nope, I checked...just a water heater here.
    Love your find!

  9. Finding forgotten art like this IS like having new art to share. How wonderful!!!


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