Thursday, July 05, 2012

Painted Bunting's Annual Visit

Every year during the first week of July, The painted buntings come for a visit.  I think of it as a birthday present which is how I remember when they come. 
This is all the same bird as he hops around checking out the surroundings. They are very shy and skittish. Yesterday, two couples visited. I'm shooting through a kitchen window. Just had to share. ♥


  1. What a beautiful little bird, and such an apt name! He does look likehe has just been splashed with paint. I love the fact that he is primary colours too. And happy birthday!

  2. Oh thanks for sharing these photos Sharon! Aren't they cute!

  3. Enjoyed the photo's, I haven't seen this bird in person, I don't think we have them in our area. Very colorful.


  4. Hi Sharon... thanks for sharing your little friends with us. What a fabuloso birthday present. I bet your friend Zorana loves them too! (I love her birds.) Maybe one of this sweeties will make into our Diary of Faces class?
    Hugs to you!

  5. Thank you for sharing these beautiful little Birds. I love to set in my back yard and watch the different birds that come back every year. Big Hugs, Mary

  6. The buntings are so pretty! I do wish we had them here to watch! The last of the nesting birds fledged 2 days ago and now I'm rather sad at not having all the activity going on in the yard. Between 4 different birds nesting and a influx of baby bunnies every few weeks invading the flower garden, it's been interesting to watch. Thank you for showing them!


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