Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vanzie Speaks

A Clip from and about my Postcard Challenge Journal that became my Diary of Faces. A Spooky voice is revealed to be Vanzie S Smoot


  1. I know that Vanzie must be a friendly ghost. How strange that happened only during the reading of her postcard... Have a great day! Kris-10

  2. "Darkest Child" music played during your reading, along with the 'voice' made Vanzie come alive and gave me the chills. What a fabulous post. You are very, very inspiring.

  3. Ditto, what Healing Woman said! Hahahaha!

  4. This is getting more and more intriguing , hope I will have some ghost voices visiting in my diary of faces, better be prepared!, loving the course.

    You are SO inspiring , love it,
    Till next time ,
    Heather B . S.A.

  5. Sharon--this is right up my alley--I love anything spooky (I like to watch ghost story movies when I paint :)
    Vanzie is there with you--I LOVE it!!

  6. First, I love the name! Second, I love the book! Third, I adore your art! Fourth, Vanzie's voice is SPOOKY!!!!!
    Great Job Ms. Producer:)


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