Saturday, September 15, 2012

I wonder what Tad looks like

Moon Birds
5 x 5
The title of the little painting is Moon Birds. I will stick with that. But it was not until I was sizing the photo for the blog post yesterday that I wondered to myself, "who is this lady with a bird on her head?".  At the very moment after the thought, I knew just as clear as day without a doubt that it was, Vanzie S Smoot, 205 Bird Row, Buttontown, BAHA!

You should have seen me.  I felt a flood of excitement. I giggled out loud. I was shocked that I didn't already know this because suddenly, the who was so obvious.  The other thing that was so obvious was that this was Norah'S little secret.  We are on a need-to-know basis sometimes with each other. And when I "needed" to know, it was revealed.

I needed to know because part of the whole flood of excited thoughts was the need to know if it would be obvious to anyone else and that I should have a give-away to find out.

suze said...

I think it is the wonderfully mysterious Vanzie S Smoot who's imagination soars like a bird from one painting to the next!


  1. Tad ummmm i think he would look like Vincent Price in he'e lounging jacket lol

  2. I imagine him as looking like Charles Goldie with his Harry Potter classes and very proper jacket and bow tie tied just so...:-)

  3. Exquisite...and a little romantic.

    Jacky xox


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