Sunday, September 23, 2012

I found the way to BAHA

BAHA is in the Bahanic Ocean, of course. I'm afraid I became a bit obsessed with map making this weekend. It brought back memories of how much I enjoyed geography in elementary school. Of course my favorite part was coloring maps with map pencils. For this one I used Intense pencils and my new water brush. 
Next, I'm on my way to Pelago.
For real.


  1. Really??? Italy!? Have a grand time and I LOVE this map you made Sharon!!

  2. Love this map!!! So cool!
    Hey! Have fun and enjoy every minute!

  3. Know you'll have a great time in Pelago. Do you suppose you will visit Dr. Keys? Don't miss us too much :)

  4. This map is your best creativity yet - enjoyed all the portraits, the post card correspondence, even the stamps, and the journal, but this map is totally impressive to me (even the N-S-E-W bird pointers) Keep enjoying retirement and growing in your art - Judy at Groesbeck

  5. This map is so unique, keep seeing things I didn't see before, love all the "hidden"bird shapes and wow special mention of Cape Town! You are so creative and it is wonderful to know you and be able to see your work. Thanks to technology we are able to meet special people from all around the world and learn so much. Hugs Heather.t


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