Thursday, January 17, 2013

I'm Bloomin

Every year, I miss seeing my Paperwhites in bloom because they are around a corner of the house where I usually don't venture in the cold.  I also think each year that I will dig some bulbs and "force" them to bloom before Christmas.  But this takes a bit of planning ahead (which I'm not always good at). So Monday after I cleaned the remains of an old candle out of this really heavy glass dish, I wondered what I could put it in.  
Light bulb moment!!!
I went out and dug the bulbs which as you can see should bloom before too long.
I wanted to share them with you now and will show again when they bloom.


  1. That is exciting. Nothing like freshly blooming flowers!

  2. Our Paperwhites are blooming madly but outdoors. I never thought of digging up the bulbs after they have sprouted. Anxious to see if they bloom now.


  3. Every year I think I will force blooms indoors so that I can enjoy them and every year "I forget". I hope you manage to see these ones comes to their fruition!

  4. That is such a good idea. I love the glass container you put them in, it makes all the more interesting

  5. Pretty. I like the cross stitch cloth under the dish!


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