Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Feeling Changed

The vinca is blooming at my house. 
I'm seeing signs of spring emerging.

I'm emerging too. 
But things are different. 
Things have changed.
Some bad stuff.
Some good things.
Tim's Cloth
Hope you will stay with me as I find my way back. 
You won't be sorry. 

I was looking through my 2008 archives last week for something.
I don't remember what.
But what I found was my word for that year.
It was the best word!!!
I'm choosing it again. 

So, for now, enough.


  1. Hi Sharon, I did a little jig when I saw you posting now, I have been thinking SO much about you and said to myself that I need to drop you a line and see if you are still ok. I really miss you and all the others from the class and am still busy getting through some more portraits, so have NOT thrown in the towel. I have been doing the class at Mistys and really enjoying it and cant wait to add some ideas to my Diary. Glad to see the stitching side of you , I just have to do my stitching every week otherwise things dont seem right. You take care and hope to see you here again SOON. Lots of Hugs Heather in Cape Town ps Flowersinherhair and I chat on the Misty class so am glad to keep in touch with her.

  2. Hi Sharon, I miss you too. Funny how changes sneak up on us when we least expect them. Good and bad. I have been busy the last few weeks keeping up in Misty's class. There has also been a loss of a family member that has caused some changes for me indirectly. Today is a good day I will be seeing my mom and it has been a month. She has been gone spending time with her sister.
    It is good that you are still creating and this piece looks so comfortable & cozy. Is this is a quilt?
    Hope to talk to you pretty soon.

  3. I'm another one who was beginning to worry. I know sometimes we all need a break from blogging though. Anxious to see where your new path takes you.


  4. I am with you kid!!
    Be kind to yourself

  5. Good to see your post! Thought you might be on vacation.
    Amazing how many changes we go through over the years,at 67 I think,well that's it you've done it all and then comes a new idea or thought.
    Perhaps we don't really grow old,we just grow young!

  6. Miss you my sweet friend. Happy days are on their way. Smile, my are loved.


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