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Let's talk

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Please allow me to re-post this chat and visual tutorial  from January 13, 2008 titled "Let's Talk"

January 13, 2008
Let's talk while I show you what I've done.
Last Tuesday morning I bounced out of bed with a new mission in mind. Instead of doing my 30 minute morning wiggle in bed while dear husband was in the shower, I decided enough bed time.
I pulled on the pants and shirt that I had peeled out of the night before and in my bare feet, started walking the path right here in my house.

I walked around and around and around for 30 minutes. I have walked every day since and tomorrow will be seven days straight.
The layout of my home is such that I can go around and around without disturbing anyone. I found it to be much more interesting than walking the treadmill at my office. I will continue.

I was thinking that I needed to go and buy some alphabet letter for our "words". But I realized that I just didn't have "enough" money at one dollar each for wooden letters. Then, I remembered that I had some chipboard letters and thought surely I should have "enough" art supplies on hand without buying more.

This is going to work for me. I can already tell. Oh yes, Tim remembered his word. It is "Passion". Melissa's is "Peace".
While I was on my walk today, I noticed the stale bread, one dinner roll, and a square of cornbread sitting on the corner of the cabinet waiting to be fed to the chickens. I don't know who designated this spot for such but it is.

Another trip around and I noticed the Christmas Goose and Santa Cookie jar still hadn't been put away. These things had been out long "enough" so when I finished my walk, I put them away. They were gifted to me this year and I don't have "enough" storage space for such so I had to look for some.

I also thought the bread for the Chickens had sat there long "enough" so I took that out too. It's amazing all the things you can find to do while going around and around. Had I been on the treadmill, I would have never accomplished these chores.

It wasn't planned but I think using the sunflower napkin on my "enough" project is an interesting choice. I feed my wild birds sunflower seeds. My one resolution for 2008 is to feed the birds. They just can't seem to get "enough".

The first word has been hung on the icicle tree. See I told you that I put the icicles away.

I'm working on a canvas that I may finish tonight. But I tell you, while watching TV last night I saw something that registered with Norah'S brain. Now I can't stop thinking about it. I don't have a clue what we saw but in my minds eye I can see a painting with a glowing sliver of a profile of a pretty girl surrounded with darkness.

Oh yes, I didn't find a napkin with big white flowers yesterday. I'm still looking.

Enough talk.

More later,



  1. So beautiful!! always inspire me to try new things!!

    1. Thank you KayTee, you know that inspiring others is one of my most favorite things to do.

  2. I really enjoy your blog, and your art! Great post! I think I need to start walking around our house!

  3. Fabulous!! I sometimes watch tv while I work too and I see many things that will give me ideas in the back of my mind!

    1. Hi SueAnn, Sometimes I get so involved in the inspiration flow that I don't even know what is going on with the program I'm watching. I do a lot of backing up with the remote.

  4. Enough is such a positive word. Suits you. I enjoyed the post, I don't remember it from before but I remember you used that word. I need something new to bump up the creativity here. At the moment I am just plodding along.


    1. Thanks Darla, How's the coffee this morning? Good here. I sure know the "plodding along" feeling.

    2. I love that you are walking... So much happens in this time creatively, things you see, thoughts nevermind the fitness benefits!!! Love it!

      I love your word!!! And how you decorated it!!!! A beautiful daily reminder!!!

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