Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sister Friends show up on Catrina ATCs

Catrina ATCs
Do you recognize these girls in face paint?

Catrina face painting in progress
Much to say
I don't know where to begin.
So, first I guess I shall share that I am going to Mexico next month which should explain why all of a sudden I'm painting Catrina faces.
I need many for an ATC trade with other artist.
New paint palette
But mostly I wanted to share with you;
My new paint palette.
What led to it.
Although early for a full-on review...

I'm sharing some of what I know so far.

First, what led me to a new palette?

Well, if you have taken one of my online classes,
you know that I use a very tiny homemade palette.
Which is for the purpose of getting the view of the palette in the video instruction. I feel it is helpful for the student.

Second, while I haven't painted much this year, I started painting much larger canvases and on a humongo easel.
still using that tiny homemade palette.
It was time to get loose with paint.

I realized that I was still in the pre-retirement mode when I had only short time periods to paint and didn't want to lay out a palette and let the paint go to waste.
I needed to make some changes and get out of the pre-retirement mode!
That's when I happen to see this post about her paint palette.
In her video, Gillian Lee Smith, told about using a Masterson Sta-wet palette.

I decided, it was time I should give it a try. 
After all, I was painting huge and needed huge quantities of paint out. 
Except for my big journal page (previous post) the "big" paintings I am doing are these 2.5 inch X 3.5 inch little ATCs.

Here's what I know so far about the palette:

  • Trying to mix the three pools of dark, medium, and light values in the middle was very awkward for me. The palette sides seemed to be in the way and I kept getting my hand and arm into the paint already laid out around the edges. A different palette knife will fix that (I think).

  • I may have left the sponge and acrylic film palette too wet. As you can see, the paint looks and is very runny.

  • When I needed a color that wasn't out, I found myself reaching for my tiny homemade palette. Maybe I need two of these.

  • I didn't do a good job of laying out the paint around the edges. I'm sure I will do better the next time. 

  • Only once when unexpected company from Oklahoma showed up did I walk off and leave the top off. When discovered, several hours later I put the top on and it seems to be just fine and juicy.

  • I'm sitting at my desk with the palette and little ATCs. However, I'm trying to think how I will situate me, my humongo easel and new filled palette when I start on a large canvas. 

  • Yes, indeed I think my paint will last a long time and I won't be wasting dried up paint.

  • And I think the bonus is, I am more inclined to sit down and paint knowing the paint is right there waiting for me. 


  1. These are wonderful! So colourful and lovely! Enjoy your time in Mexico! :)

  2. thank you for this review, sharon! i've been thinking about this palette a lot, and wanting to know more about it.


    1. I think you would like it if you do a lot of acrylic painting. The lid to this one is also set up for watercolor but I already have a large watercolor palette. The cost was very reasonable too. I think you would enjoy it. Thanks

  3. love what you are doing on these Sharon! I have been using the small Masterson Sta-wet palette for a couple of years and love it!

    1. Renee, I'm already realizing that I need more room for those paints that I don't use all the time but would like to put out. So I may get a smaller one too after I use this one a while. Actually, I didn't realize there was a smaller one until another friend mentioned it. Thanks

  4. Loving the Catrina faces. I am guessing you printed out the Sister faces - how do you do that on paper that will take paint? Maybe I need to learn more about my printer.

    Which part of Mexico are you visiting? We went every year for awhile but haven't been in ages. Have fun wherever it is.


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  6. I just got one of those myself! I don't use a whole lot of paint but I hated to see it all dryed up and wasted. Usually I'll use leftover paint on something like an ATC or Chunky base.


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