Thursday, May 15, 2014

Just a reminder about the dime-zone

One Hundred Faces
Face No 85
 My thinking on her horizontal position was:
Klimt did it and
the horizontalness of that little rectangle. 
One Hundred Faces
Face No 86
A corner in the dime-zone
In case you forgot what the dime-zone means. 
Here is a dime showing the faces can be covered by a dime. 

I have had blog viewer questions about this One Hundred Faces project.

So first I'll show the board in the early stages.

I am working on a 12" x 36" piece of wood that I prepped with paint.
After I glued the text paper in the format,
I added a layer of light texture and then used a Golden fluid (not sure why I did that but I did). 
Each face is painted directly on the board.

My format was inspired by a Hundertwasser piece.
From the beginning, I wanted a random theme.
random sizes

random faces

moving around on the board in a random way which is the reason I numbered the pieces.

14 to go!!!!!

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