Wednesday, May 21, 2014

No 86 fits on 87's cheek

One Hundred Faces
Face No 87
 Face No 87 is in row two.
Which means she is the largest face so far.
She is 3.75" x 5.75".
The truth is, I got real comfortable painting tiny faces. 
I also felt myself dreading rows one and two.
Last week I had to just do it. 
She is under Face No 87
 This is what happened.
I sketched.
I painted.
I wiped.
I recognized that I DID NOT want to be at the easel. 
So, I went outside and did some digging in the dirt. 
Soul feed.
One Hundred Faces
I think it was Sunday that I started again.
Here I show you the difference in row two and the dime-zone.
No 86 fits on 87's cheek. 

I love them both!

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  1. This is such a fun post. You had me smiling at all the number references, trying to find the faces you were talking about! They are all so good, but most especially the big one. I like the creative, unique touches that you brought to the portrait.


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