Saturday, August 23, 2014

Shadow Selfies in the Garden


The garden is looking like Texas in August. 
In addition to the heat, we had some high winds that blew the Marigolds over so they even look frightful.

 The peppers are getting a beautiful red. 
Finally an eggplant but something (unknown to me) is eating on it.  

 I let the dill go to seed for volunteers next spring. 
Besides that, isn't it a beautiful!

Same for the basil. 
However, I'm pretty sure plenty of seeds have fallen and I'm about to cut it back now and let it continue growing into the fall. 
I am enjoying the basil so much and look forward to having it in the sidewalk herb bed next year too. 

This was an experiment to see if the white zinnias seeds  (in the top pic) were viable. Yep, they are so I will continue saving the seeds.

  Photo bombed by this garden creature
chasing green dragon fly

 I chased him around the corner.
(the last one was blue)
Dear Husband says this is a bullfrog.
He knows things like that.
Look at his eye and how the lines in his body follow through the eye.
Don't know why he was visiting the greenhouse.


Check this project off the list. 

This makes me so happy.
Kitchen herbs will be planted here when the time is right. 
In the meantime, I love seeing this bed all ready to receive.

I stand and look through the kitchen door because I'm so thrilled to have accomplished this. 
Do you do that? 
I mean, keep going back to see something that you did that pleases you.  
You might also note that I did move the mint from the greenhouse patio.

bugsville under construction

 I still have a ways to go but I think I'm getting there. 
It's not that hard after all the components gathered.


Look look look!
at this amazing bamboo.
I am so excited about it. 

I needed just a little bamboo for the bugsville habitat.
That was my excuse to get DH to take me to the bamboo place. 
But in the back, dark corner of my mind, there was a project brewing that I knew I would want bamboo for .....
if I could get it. 

I took my battery powered pruning saw and away we went to the bamboo place. 
When we got there...
Poison ivy, knee high was surrounding the stand of bamboo. 

DH will not participate with any poison ivy in sight.
But, as you know, it doesn't stop me.
Anyway, I tromped through it and managed to get home with this much. 
It's not enough for my winter garden fence project.
But enough to get me going with the design.

Garden Palace Floor Cloth Update

 I haven't made much progress on the Garden Palace floor cloth. I only added two more flowers and started tweaking the first ones that I painted. 
My mornings in the heat of the gardens pretty much zaps me and I can't manage to leave the chair zone.
Did you happen to notice the shadow selfies in last weeks post? 
I realized while editing those pics that I rather like them in the photo. 
It is the early morning sun that I'm working in and so...
there they are... 
my shadow selfies.


  1. Enjoy looking at your garden. You've done so much work there, hard work. Your kitchen herbs will look great in their new spot next year.


  2. i am enjoying your garden and many projects with my morning coffee, sharon.....


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