Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Go Away bad creatures

Produce bucket from yesterday. 

Floor Cloth in Progress

Progress seems slow on the floor cloth. 
Maybe because there are many times that I'm in the chair zone and thinking I should be painting morning glories. 

That little halfway mark above is the halfway mark for this one side.

 Here is another view of this half of the cloth.
 This morning.
 When I get to the end of this corner, I will be halfway around. 
I have picked up speed a little because I need to get this done and off the table. 
I plan to turn the corner today.

In the Garden

From yesterday's pickin.
This was good.
And just above it I found........

.....Creatures in the morning glories. 
This was bad.


  1. That floor cloth will be truly glorious when it's done..!

    1. Thank you! As usual I have underestimated how much time it would take. I am enjoying it but will be happy when it is done.

  2. The floor cloth is really beautiful! Your garden looks great except for those nasty wasps!

    1. Thanks Janine, The garden is about to be over with for a while. I am thinking about planting a bit of a winter garden. Maybe.

  3. I harvested the last of my cucumber today...... Boo hoo....... Your floor cloth is jut beautiful, Sharon..... Wow , such an undertaking ....... And t,hose wasps, or what ever, are nasty looking.....

    1. Hi Janie, I think that was my last cucumbers. I especially enjoyed making gazpacho when them. And yes those are farocious(sp) red wasp. I'm glad I discovered them.

  4. Hope you've turned that corner by now. The floor cloth is really lovely but my such a lot of work. I am glad you didn't get any more up close and personal with those wasps.



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