Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Skeletons in my Garden


Here is a month in the garden update.  
Even though we have had several unseasonably cool days, the Texas heat is now here. 
Well almost, we still haven't had any days over 100º. That killer is expected this week. 
I have had a great garden season with lots of blooms and produce. 
I tend to wilt myself starting in mid July and into August. 

Time to Soak  

This was the last of the day lilies and I still haven't cleaned this bed. 
 Morning Glories
 I can't help myself!
I am in awe of the Morning Glories that finally started blooming. 

Heart Shadows
These are finally starting to bloom but I'm taken with the shadows.

Purple Bindweed a wildflower

 Another Texas wildflower, the Purple Bindweed Ipomoea trichocarpa is a perennial that blooms from April to October. It is a thug in the garden and will vine over everything. But like I said, "I can't help myself".


feed the masses

I love these little white Zinnias that piggybacked in on a Marigold.

produce and seed collecting

jalapeno pepper
bell pepper
sour cream
The juicer is from the 1940s and belonged to my uncle Glen. He used it is his downtown Waco restaurant.

Seed Collecting
Yellow Bitterweed, another wildflower

I'm collecting these seeds that are growing in my driveway and bloom from April to November. 
I'm going to add them to flower beds. 

 harvesting seeds

 This Week's Projects

digging up poison ivy and trash trees under this oak tree
getting ready to add Autumn Fern 

laying a brick apron in front of greenhouse

I have a stack of old bricks that I'm using for the greenhouse apron project.
I found this when I picked up the brick that was stacked on top of it.

The eggs are about the size of the end of my little finger. 

I found the one on the bottom first and then raised another brick and found the nest.

Garden Palace Attic
Here is a little in progress shot of the attic. This end is ready for a paint application. You can see where I am experimenting with the technique. 
The technique is basically layers kinda like I approach a canvas. 
It is a "what'if" technique. 
Also, note the hand rail going up the stairs. 
I'm now waiting out the heat and expect to get back to the attic in September. 


  1. I feel like I'm right there with you! I love your posts where you take us along with you through words and pictures!!

    1. thanks Debi! I try to let the pics speak for themselves with just a few words from me.

  2. So, lizards? Thanks for posting wonderful photos and for keeping us updated!

  3. I enjoyed your garden tour. Love those morning glories!

  4. Wow! You have your work cut out for you!! I love morning glories, but in some places they are considered a pest and have been outlawed!! Lizard skeltons?

  5. More! More! More! Hi Sharon;) So enjoyed seeing your garden progress…the harvest, the blooms, the seeds and the skellies. Look forward to seeing more soon! Keep taking those pics!

  6. This is all so glorious. It is like one big Valium . Where in Texas do you live? I want a flowering garden too but aside from the purple wild vine, I can't grow anything.

  7. Loved this post-all except the giant lizard nest and skeletons!!!!! Everything is so exciting at your greenhouse and yard. Your garden has grown tremendously since last I viewed it. I guess canning will be next post huh?


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