Friday, September 12, 2014

My View This Week

 Yesterday's harvest.
I always pick the tomatoes just after they start turning so I don't have to share them with creatures.
Peppers and morning glory seed pods. 

 My ever present buddy always checking out whatever I'm doing. 
Who is this in my garden?
As I was watering this week, he scampered out from under the big leaves of a squash vine. 

On closer inspection, I found a nest with at least one more and probably several. I didn't disturb them.
After editing this photo, I can see that his fur looks wet and that is why he ran. 
Look at that cotton tail. 

 This bed hasn't been too successful.
But I do love the cosmos that are finally blooming.
 In the foreground is a four o'clock in full bud. 
I keep forgetting to go out in the late afternoon to catch them open.
Next year I will plant more four o'clocks at the feet of the trellis.
 Just me gazing ;)
 Forever, I have had this broken pillar. 
I left it outside on the Garden Palace step and it fell off and broke. 
I could not part with it and now look. 

 I love it now better with plants in it rather than in a pot sitting on top of it. 
In case you are wondering, the plant with the bamboo like leaves in the taller section is Inland Sea Oats that grow wild on my place. It is a grass native to central and eastern US that has beautiful seed pods. I dug this small clump that actually had been mowed; therefore no seed pods. 

A parting shot of Stupid Kitty because I can never get his eyes. 
He won't look me in the eyes. 


  1. On Sharon, I love how you let the rabbits in your garden! I love the cat and the morning glory, how I wish I had morning glory! It is one of my favorites! I love your gazing ball too! Thank you for sharing your garden!

  2. Thank you Janine, I don't know how long the bunnies have been there. But I have plans for a little fence for next year. The bunnies I don't mind so much but oh my oh my, the armadillos can wreck it.

  3. Armadillos? Oh my, I forgot where you live!

  4. What a sweet post. Stupid Kitty? Well, maybe he's not too bright--he's beautiful--that covers a lot. Bunnies. They're cute, but do they eat all you grow?

    1. The thing is I'm not sure who is sharing the tomatoes with me; otherwise, nothing is missing. Stupid Kitty is/was my granddaughter's and she name him. I mostly call him kitty. Thanks for your visit.

  5. Baby bunnies are the cutest ever until they eat your garden - still cute though - just cute bothersome baby bunnies!

  6. I love the picture you took in front of the wagon wheel. Your shadow and that wheel and plants behind really is striking. I can see a beautiful card or post card made from this pic. Nice post.

    1. Thank you, I have discovered my shadow is with me early in the mornings and can't resist taking her pic.

  7. Great pixs, Sharon! So glad to see the results of your plantings.


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