Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Celabrating Texas Native Plant Week with Thoroughwort

Recognizing Texas Native Plant Week
October 19-25
Thoroughwort, Fleischmannia incarnata
showing the branching growth habit
I was extremely excited Monday when I discovered for the first time this native plant growing here.
I was making my rounds, as I do, around behind the tank dam.
The beautiful plant was down at feet level and I was ignoring it as I thought it was yet more asters. 
I guess it has been here all along as I do now recognize the leaves. 
And actually it is in the aster family of plants. 
Thoroughwort, Fleischmannia incarnata
showing the branching growth habit
I love the low branching growth habit and look forward to moving some of this to a shaded bed near the house. 
It is a perennial. 
I have tentatively identified it as Fleischmannia incarnata.
I only found two plants when I discovered it Monday.

Then Tuesday when I went out with my real camera, I walked around with an eye for it and sure enough discovered many more in another area. 
This one is at the edge of where I mow and obviously was mowed recently. I think it will be an excellent specimen to transplant.
dried Thoroughwort flower head
I have more research in order to learn more about this Thoroughwort.
However, I brought a branch to the house to help me identify it and the next day the branch had dried and revealed a few of its secrets.  

dried Thoroughwort flower head
I could not see this detail nor even the pinkish color with the necked eye or even with my reading glasses.
dried Thoroughwort flower head
dried Thoroughwort flower head showing seeds
FYI, the grid that I photographed on is ¼ inch. Therefore the branch consisting of four or five flower heads is one inch.
I broke apart one flower head to see the seeds.
As you can see, they have a little whorl that carries them off. 
Another of Mother nature's genius.

This post is to celebrate the Texas Native Plant Week, October 19-25. 

I will probably have more. 
Hope you enjoy. 

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  1. You are such an inspiration Sharon! I always love catching up with you on your blog:) Hey! Let's start a garden club where we mail cuttings….I have lots of beautiful succulents that I think would survive the mail at the time of year.


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