Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Texas Native Plant Week

When I posted Native Wildflowers Around Me last week, I had no idea this week, October 19-25, is Texas Native Plant Week dedicated to celebrating home-grown native plants.
Today, I will celebrate the Asters that grow on our property.

I can't say they are "home-grown".
I would say they are native to the property and are just here without my say-so. 
There are a bazillion different wild asters and I haven't a clue which one these are. 

What I have learned about taking pics with my iphone is that the iphone doesn't do such a good job for me on these wild plants.
There is always a bit of a breeze when I'm out and the camera has a hard time focusing on the plant I'm looking at.
Also, as you can see, there are usually layers of plants that confuse the lens. 
Even if there is not a breeze, my Stupid Kitty is always following me around like a dog and manages to put the plants in motion.
These first three pictures are from the same clump that is growing near the tank behind the greenhouse.
I love the heavy dew that I captured this morning with my point-and-shoot.  

 This clump is actually here near the house in an overgrown flower bed. 
That's just fine with me because I am about to turn many areas near the house into native plant beds.

This is a different aster that was in bloom in mid September and it is erect and about 5 feet tall.
The blooms look like they are drying and very tiny at about 1/4 inch wide.

I discovered the celebration of Texas Native Plant Week from some gardening blogs that I read. 
One is My Gardener Says... and you might want to click over and read her post. 

I'll be back with more before the week is over. 

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