Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I'm here singing in the rain

We are getting a precious lot of rain here in Central Texas.
I don't believe I remember in all my days getting a constant daily flow of rain like this in my part of the world.
We are grateful and take it as it comes.
However, our prayers are with those who are lost and have lost property.

In the meantime, I have almost finished a Garden Palace project that I am so excited about. 

My table project is almost finished.
It came to me in parts so getting the legs bolted onto the top Sunday gave me the most joyous feeling. 

When I received the table, the veener was all peeled off. 
All that remained was little bits still stuck with the veener glue. 

Before attaching the legs, I painted them with chalk paint and used a dark wax. 
I am painting the top and will share again when I finish. 
I must say I do like it just as it is but I'm sticking with my original plan to paint it. 
I'm sure I will like that too.

Parting Shot

And here is a parting shot through the glass of the back door.
I just love these reflections of the trees on the wall and the wildflowers around the rug. 


  1. I'm screaming in the rain in OK. We had 12" Saturday night and the goldfish in my goldfish pond swam out onto the patio.

    1. Hi Donna, We aren't getting it all at once. Just a little every day which does add up but gives a little time to drain away. The ground is so saturated and the weeds are so tall and the mosquitoes are unbelievable. Our tank is overflowing and yesterday I found a small bass and returned him to the water.


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