Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Table Update and Jelly Cabinet

I finished the table top and I do love it.
Amazing how it makes me feel when I walk in and see this.

Yesterday I moved the other three chairs over.
Thank you Tim for bringing them over on GP's four wheeler.
And thank you for the nice long visit.
The really cool part was when you commented how "peaceful" it was over there.
It is.

Jelly Cabinet 

This is a before of this little cabinet. 
I call it a jelly cabinet but it is actually two very old upper cabinet sections that are connected on the back side.
The couple I bought it from called it a jelly cabinet so I do too.

I painted the inside with my favorite yellow and have made the decision to leave the outside chippy just like it is. 
I have scrapped all the loose chips and sanded it.
I do intend to wax it but I'm out of wax.

This picture is about the reflection.

And the rest of the pictures are about my pretty little dishes.

I have a wonderful collection of mostly little breakfast or desert plates. 
Some I found for a quarter or seldom over a dollar.
Some were gifted to me from my friends.
The only prerequisite was that flowers were on them.
Won't it be fun to have a tea party with them.

Yesterday's visitor.
I welcome him to eat little spiders or ants.
I think he is doing a good.


  1. Does he have a blue tail? We have those here too, and their tails break off when the cats try to catch them. You certainly have done a wonderful job on all.

    1. Yes Donna his tail turns blue. He is not the only kind that visits.

  2. I want to sign up for the tea party when you use all those pretty dishes. You have accomplished so much in the last weeks.


    1. Hi Darla, Wish you could come for a tea party.

  3. Your jelly cabinet is perfect unfinished on the outside. So shabby chic. It fits in with your eclectic decor at the cottage. Charming. Also, a great place to store seasonal dishes and party dishes. Your table is absolutely wonderful as well. Carry on!

    1. Thanks! Sometimes I have a plan for the piece and I had this one so long that my plan changed many times. This was my first furniture purchase for the Garden Palace and I was pretty sure that I would strip and paint. In the meantime I saw that as a job too huge and also became acquainted with shabby chic. Love it.

  4. Your Garden Palace is turning out beautifully! I enjoy following your projects.

    1. Thanks for your visits. I enjoy your gardens so much.


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