Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Vintage Floral Project

I have had some treasures so long that I don't remember from where they came. 

And I'm not even sure if the two larger prints were framed when they came to me. 

It could be I removed them from these old frames and don't remember that either.

But first I had to do a little repair as is the case with very old frames. 

As you can see, the nail holes were not gonna hold a nail until I filled them and started over. 

I have this old contraption that holds a 90º angle and used it to reglue the corners.
My old contraption can also be used to cut a 90º angle. 

I mounted the old prints on watercolor paper that I aged with a splash of ocher.
I like that the edge of the old print shows history of being framed and I think you will agree they do go nicely in the old frames. 

I only had to reglue the smaller frames.
I didn't add paint to any of the frames as they seemed perfect just as they were. 

For now, they are displayed like this. 
It could change.

A long shot of a vintage floral project.

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