Friday, July 10, 2015

What's behind the green door?

I've always supposed this cute little closet and the single wall dividing the Rose Garden Parlor and the Morning Glory Garden Room were added after the original construction of this little house.
I'm just guessing about that. 

Nevertheless, I'm real happy to have a closet to hide some of my stuff. 
So did you guess what is behind the green door? 

One day I woke up and had to paint the closet red.
I admit I was influenced by a dear friend who painted her tiny hall closet red and it was very cool.

This is more true color.
With the help of dear son on a recent visit, I added three shelves on each side. 

For stuff.

I use the top for stuff too.


  1. I love the green door...I remember that old song about what's behind the green door. And the pop of red when you open it is great.

    1. Yes that was where I was coming from. Only you and I would remember a hit from the mid 50's. Thanks for your visit.


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