Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I Made this pretty

Although this side of this door opening which separates the parlor from the middle room was never faced out, I do think there might have been a door on hinges before I rescued this little palace from being used for hay storage.

Last October, I added these old porch post and a shelf across the top for a more finished look. 

Last week when we got a few days reprieve from the Texas heat of August, I was excited to go over and work on a project. 
After first painting the post white, I tried this yellow.
It was just wrong.
 I could not live with it. 

The next day I went over and gave them another coat of white. 
You can't see so much in this picture but I realized the white and gray diamond pattern on the floor cloth is what pulled it all together.

Little by little I am getting there. 
I have another finished project to share later this week.


  1. looks absolutely wonderful!!!!! Love your cottage, do you know when it was built?

    1. Yes it was built around 1910. More history about it is on blog tag 'Garden Palace'

  2. That is SUCH a great idea, I love it! Not that you need validation from a stranger, but the white was definitely a good choice! :-)

  3. It is fabulous as is everything you create in my opinion!


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