Friday, August 21, 2015

We had a Happening

Actually, we had a week of happenings. 
Happenings included balloons, presents, surprises, excursions, treats, candles, money, pizza, parties, plants, cakes, books, dinners and cards. 
Lots of little cards like the above with a message and check-off list on the inside.

The first day surprise delivered to her job was a "Where's The Party" balloon...

...anchored with two candles and the first card.
The check-off list was her first clue about what was happening.

The second day surprise delivered to her job was a Happy Birthday cake.

That same day at the appointed time, we picked up Melissa, the birthday girl, Ashley and Tim and went on the excursion. 
I'm telling you this was so much fun because they had no idea where we were going.
They only knew it was an excursion. 
I had a road trip cooler of drinks and treats with cards attached.
The little check-off card on the inside gave them hints but it was so fun to hear them talking about their anticipation thoughts about what in the world Nana could be up to now . Some mystery excursion thoughts were hilarious. Like being kidnapped and never seeing their friends again.

We headed down the road about an hour away where we met up with Kevin and his family. 
Such a fun way to have a family birthday happening. 
I was so in the moment of enjoying my big family together that I didn't even take photos. 
There were presents, another cake and a great pizza party.

The birthday week happening ended with this Magic Moments altered blank book.
I only knew the name after I finished altering the blank pages.

I used my castle tower art to add dividers and pockets to the sections.

The last thing I did after adding at least one found word on each page was write a message on the backside of a castle tower cut out for the first page pocket above. 
The words, "Magic Moments", at the top jumped out and that is when I knew the title of this little blank book.

Some words I glued at the top of the page as if it were the beginning of a sentence.
And some I glued at the top middle as if it were a title.
And some I glued in random spots or at the end of the page.
I was thinking the words would be jump-off places to start a written conversation.

While I glued one word somewhere on each page, I found this and had to glue it down.

Because I knew
pretty and lovely and exciting
only looked

And that is what a Birthday Week Happening is.

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  1. Loved that you used your towers as the page dividers! Perfect.


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