Saturday, December 05, 2015

In the Spirit of Giving

It is that time of year, between  holidays of gratefulness and giving, I'm feeling blessed for all that I have with my family and friends. And I'm feeling I have something to give.

As you all know, I closed my classroom site this year. Even though I spent untold hours developing all those classes, here I sit with all that good stuff lingering on my computer.

Some of my "cloth side of me" friends are discovering Inktense Pencils and trying them out for the first time. While following their progress, I kept thinking about how they might enjoy my Inktense Faces of Fabric class which as you know I pulled from the Tree Castle Apron class. I thought at the very least, they might pick up a useful tip or two. So I decided to share. 

But then I thought, "heck, they might enjoy the whole big class, apron and all".

Therefore; I'm here today to tell you that I will be posting all the Tree Castle Apron class at my blog, The Cloth Side of Me. My season gift to you. It is free to anyone. 

Today I posted a preview of the who, what, where, and when about this at The Cloth Side of Me. Pop over and see. 

Note: the videos will only be viewable at that blog and they are not downloadable. 


  1. wow that's an incredibly kind gesture Sharon. How wonderful of you! <3 Big Loves.

  2. Hi Sharon
    I found you a little too late since this post is from 2015. I came across what I thought was a book published by you,(Pinterest) only to discover it was a class that had closed. Please tell me that I can order the class material or that you will be reopening the class again.

  3. Hello Sharon, I was a student at your ning site. Today I came to see if the apron class was still available. Permition denied... :( Will you open this class again? Best regards, Chris

  4. Hello Art Barra,
    I don't plan to open my blog "The Cloth Side of Me" at the moment.
    However, you can go to where I have the videos available to "anyone"
    I think you could search my name, Sharon Tomlinson, to find them.

  5. I purchased this class in 2015. Is it still available to me.


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