Monday, December 28, 2015

All was good and then...

Last year we had a Snowman Christmas and this year it was all about Christmas Trees and Reindeer. Two trees and seventeen reindeer bags full of goodie$.

I didn't do so good with photos this year. I was a bit preoccupied.
I did manage a few things ahead of the day like these reindeer candy bags.
I planned a fun sock game where my six big and little girls each pulled six...

...of these little tree tabs to find out which 3 pair of unmatched socks they would get. 
I made candied apples for my fruit salad. I baked a pecan pie, banana pudding and banana bread before the day. If you know me, you know I never ever cook anything before the day. I also put together a broccoli casserole. I cooked the cornbread and prepped everything for the dressing.  

On the day as always, I was up early and started the rest of the cooking. I even had the serving dishes out with little paper notes naming what would go in each. I had the hot pads lined up down the middle of the table and noted what would go where.   

All was good and then.....

...around 10:30 on the day about the time the turkey was to come out of the oven, I was whizzing from the bathroom to the kitchen and caught my foot on either a little rug that I had thrown from the kitchen to the bedroom to vac or the vac cord and I danced across the floor head first trying to catch a fall but knowing the momentum was too great. 

I was headed right straight toward the kitchen door facing. I was still trying to catch my fall all the time dancing faster and faster. In a split second, I knew my face was going to be a big mess. 

I was still trying to catch my fall when somehow I ended up in the kitchen on the tile floor. Face untouched. I hit with my butt, not the part when sitting straight up but the part touching when you are slouching down and sliding out of the chair. When it hit the momentum was so great that my body slung backwards with centrifugal force and jerked my head back. It hit the tile floor. In that split second before hitting I knew it was not going to be good and I even thought about how lucky I was that I had been so organized with the day since I probably would not be present now.

When I hit, I really thought I might have cracked my skull. Pain? Yes. I also felt the pain in my butt. Ken was sitting in his chair and saw the whole thing happening. I think I yelled when I first started dancing across in front of him. He said he thought I nearly caught the fall two times.

I laid in the floor crying, first with pain while holding my head and feeling the goose egg swell in my hand, and then I cried loud with anger that I had done something so stupid. I really could not get up for a while or rather I didn't want to get up. The cool tile floor felt so good. Eventually, I was ready and got up. 

With the goose egg in my hand, I knew I had not cracked my skull. I knew I was going to have a terrific head ache and Ken had three Advil ready immediately. 

I got up and sat at the bar and directed Ken on what to do. I had gotten so organized before and had even written my cooking scheduled with what would go in the oven and when. He set the table (a first) and even though he would ask what goes where, he seemed to know. I think he may have been paying attention in earlier years when I would show the kids how to set the table for me. He knew and that made me smile.

He made the tea (another first as far as I can remember) and all was done before the kids arrived. Of course we always wait to put the rolls in until everyone is present and Melissa's job is always to carve the turkey. She strips that bird down to the bone like no one I know which is a job I hate. Tim is in charge of the shells and cheese because they want that right off the stove and not made ahead and Tim is the shells and cheese chef.

Trees and Reindeer
This little stack is ready to go home unwrapped. Seven littles didn't get to come this year and we missed them ever so much. 

The day could have only been better if the seven missing could have been here. 

I'm all good. The goose egg is slowly going down but still sore. I can't slouch in my chair as that is exactly the wrong way to avoid butt pain. 

One more thing. Wrapping and making fun packages is not out of character for me. However, cooking and preparing food ahead of the day is definitely out of character for me.  I knew before I got off the floor who was in charge of the day, as well as, my life.

I believe. 


  1. That is an amazing thing how it all worked out and at least you are improving each day now. Sounds like it might be a while so there must be projects you can do from your current position.

    1. I want to go rake leaves when it dries up a bit. Hope I will feel like that. The wind is doing a good job of it but I want them for my compost pile. I have read one book and about to order another on my Nook. The problem is that sitting doesn't feel so good. I look forward to 2016 and reading your wonderful blog post.

  2. What an entertaining post my dear! All I can say is WHEW and are the best. I truly hope all your bruises are speeding away and that you can go out and rake those leaves happily, not sorely. so glad your fall didn't put an end to your well planned and stocked day with family. And I cracked up over every husband comment because I would be saying the same. He does so many/mostly ALL tasks on board, so I can never complain. I hope you spend the rest of this holiday season, dancing for a better reason ;) xo

    1. Glad you enjoyed. I had to document as by next year at this age, I might forget. DH does the grocery shopping (with my list) and he just got home with B & J Strawberry Daiquiri for my New Year's Eve dance. Wish you could be here.

  3. I realize this is none of my business, and that you didn't ask for advice here. But, well, honestly, I'm going to give some, out of concern for the pain in your back. As someone that deals with back pain that wasn't getting better, I really would recommend seeing your doctor, so they scan what's going on back there. It may be nothing - it's just the back is nothing to mess around with, and if something did happen, getting proper care, soon, can save you months and even years of pain.

    Again, really none of my business, but pain in the back is a pain in the butt (did ya see what I did there? :D ).

  4. What a day!!! What a Christmas to remember!!
    Sharon I hope you are feeling better and I agree with Kristina, get your back checked.
    I know how you feel about missing family members, we had the same this year and even though we had a lovely time we definitely missed our loved ones.
    I wish you a Happy Healthy Artful New Year!!! :)

  5. Omg...... Sounds like something that happened to me but I landed on my knees.....not a happy person right now..... Ouch....
    Happy new year, Sharon.....😀


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