Friday, August 25, 2006


We swapped real stuff and ephemera and look what Michelle sent me. She showed hers earlier in the week. I just now had a chance to photo mine. Actually, I have already started using mine and I'm just about to use more.
If I have learned anything during this new ART adventure it is that I can rip up books, pictures and use my stuff. I am one of those who bought really neat stuff and then hoarded it unable to use it because aaaahh ... well I guess because then it would be gone. Not anymore. I can do it.
I worry that Michelle got the short end of the stick here. Just look at all the wonderful bits and pieces of ephemera she sent me. There is a post card from 1908. I think I will do a whole book/story with it. And the red leaf, watch for that this weekend. I am so excited about all of it. It is one of those times I just have to tell my self to chill! Breath! Take a deep breath and do it one thing at a time.
OK, so I'm off to do it.
Hope you get to make time for ART this weekend too. If you do, show me.

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  1. Oh dear me NO I did NOT get the short end of the stick! I adore and love all my goodies!!!! Thank you SO much again!!!

    With all my newly acquired bits and pieces, I am now struggling with actually using them. I LOVE to just paw over the packages, take things out, look them over, put them back, and so on. I have to just jump in there and start using them!!!! Wish me luck!


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