Monday, August 21, 2006

I HeART Grandchildren

This page spread was meant to be about 4 grandchildren. I used vintage fabric from a friend and first altered it by stamping with acrylic paint. Then I added a piece of lace and stitched over it freestyle. I used fabric because I wanted a pocket across the bottom to hold the tags.
I really love the page with this one tag so I'm thinking I will make a couple more picture cards of Ashley for the pocket on the right. I "found" words on a page that are about her.
On the back of the tag I printed an edited picture of Ashley onto printed scrapbook paper. Then used a butterfly transfer. I absolutely love the effect of printing the black-line photo onto printed paper. You should try it.


  1. Okay lady! I'm gonna give this a try! Wonderful wonderful page!

  2. Gorgeous, Gorgeous! And I am so sorry about your jester are truly a lady with many multi-faceted talents. I am in awe!!! smiles...


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