Friday, August 04, 2006

Tissue Card

I've made another card to say thank you to a special person who influenced and inspired me to Dream. The big envelope which will hold a special goody wouldn't fit in my scanner so I just scanned both sides separate. Just as soon as I write my thank you, it is on the way.
Oh, and it sure is nice to sleep with the boss...wait, I am the boss. Because I did this sitting right here at my desk. I made a little mess on my desk and had to stop a couple of times for customers. Fun!
Make time for ART!


  1. Whoohooo! It looks like I can comment...everytime I have tried lately, blogger has been a pain! First of all...LOVE that treasure hunt! I want to come spend a week at your much FUN!!!

    The art, as always, is fantastic!!! I love what you do with tissue paper...I have never used tissue paper in my art, but I think that it is time to try!

    What do I heart??? Inspiring artistic blogs and the friends I make through them... :) smiles...

  2. Howdy....Well...I finally posted some pages of my HeART Journal. I created a sub-blog thinking MAYBE the audience of who sees it will be just a few. Very emotional process for me. Even getting to the point where I was ready to share these caused some sleepless ness. However, it was extremely cathartic and I know having to have my journal to turn to in the quiet of the night helped me.


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