Sunday, September 03, 2006

A long Time Ago

I have thought to share this for a good while but it seemed so, well, A Long Time Ago.
The first thing you might notice is that my first blog profile picture was a little snip of this journal cover. It really is me when I was about 10 or 12. The cover back is of my daughter when she was the same age.
Sometime very early in this year I discovered a web site that gave me that swirling in the pit of my stomach that I have mentioned before. You know that type of anxiety that comes on when bouncing from blog to blog and finding the most incredible inspiration that begins to build up inside your head and stomach?
The web site was Teesha Moore's of course. I spent days looking at her gallery of art journal pages. Each morning I allowed myself to go to the gallery and gaze upon one row of the journal pages. It was all my stomach and head could handle in one day. And then one day I noticed the little blurb at the top of the page, "click here for an article on how I journal..."
Well, that did it. I couldn't get my supplies ordered quick enough. Then I had to wait. When they arrived I followed her instructions on what to use and how to use it and I was hooked. I waited to do the cover art and before I actually journaled much, I discovered other sites. Misty Mawn was one. I was and am totally captivated by her style and the incredible background texture in her work. Then I learned that she was featured in the Summer 2006 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. I purchased it just as soon as it was available. I knew then I would use her tutorial to do the art on the cover of my journal. And this is it. I remember that Sunday in April that I spent all day playing ART and absolutely having the grandest time in my life with this process. That was before I had a blog.
Then I dinged off (as my DH says) and discovered Artsymama and joined in on her dream journal "follow-along" and the rest is history.
I am about to get back to my first art journal, A Long Time Ago. But that is not the big project that is simmering on one of my many front burners.
More later,


  1. oooooh, this is simply lush!!! LOVE it!!! smiles, Christi

  2. Teesha's website knocked me over when I found it! xo

    thank you!


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