Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lady B

This lady and some of her friends were in my head yesterday.
I will use her in several ways. I guess you, just like me will have to wait to see where she shows up next.
I'm ready to tell about the project that I have eluded to. Although, I don't think I am quite ready to start it.
I choose Flesh.
I am going to do a True Colors Art Journal with myself, and I choose Flesh for my color. I was so inspired with the Somerset publication of the collaborative of art journals by 16 oh so very very talented mixed media artist. To say the least I was overwhelmed with it. I wondered how it would impact my art. So I decided I would choose a color and follow their syllabus. In other words now that I have chosen my color, I will prepare my journal and do the cover art and probably a couple of pages with my color. Then every 2 weeks I will do a page or two using the color inspiration as chosen by each of the 16 artists.
More later,

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