Monday, September 04, 2006

Art Party Weekend

I told dj this weekend I was going to put my feet up like she did and do some sketches. Also told her that I snipped my models out of the sales ad in the newspaper last week and only took those with no teeth.
dj got a chuckle out of that and pictured me sketching old, toothless people. Pretty funny and I just might do that. But not this time. I'm pleased with my results. I wasn't trying to get a likeness, just a human.
This is a good "put your feet up" and play art project and I will be doing more. These are pretty raw pencil sketches and the photo quality is poor but I have no scanner here at home.

Since I didn't have a scanner to scan and print one to play with, I used pattern tissue and traced one and made this purse. I plan to add straps but I'm still thinking on that.

This wasn't my first try at dj's fusing technique. I did a page in my Book of Dreams and the gutted book that I posted last Sunday was fusing. It is so much fun. The only thing, you have to do a little planning and I usually don't think that far ahead with composition. I just do it.
More later,


  1. your art work blows me away!!!

    I am headed up to the Senior Civic center tomorrow for art class. I take the children with me. Last week I drew a hummingbird. The children loved it--me? not so much!

  2. OMG! Sharon, this purse is fantastic!!!! Love the sketch and the lace on top of her head is simply the perfect touch. LOVE that you put the little birds on there too. LOVE IT ALL!!!! smiles, Christi

  3. Love the sketches and ADORE the bag. Aweomse work.

  4. Woooo Whooo! You are on a roll! I love it!!!


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