Friday, November 10, 2006

Confession...I flinched

Inside Front Cover
Explore Colors in Flesh
My confession: Do you remember the verb form of funk in earlier post about being in funkified mood? Well, it is flinch. And I did. I was having so much fun exploring all the colors in flesh with my new paints. Then there was that whole big corner of the page. I flinched.
I had a vague notion of what I was going to do from the beginning but that critic fairy hiding in my head sometimes made me flinch and I withdrew. I figured out that I was trying to give too much thought to what I would do. I mean, does it really matter? If I don't like it I can just throw the page away and start over or gesso right on top of all of it, or cut it up and use bits and pieces on another page. So last night, having all this worked out with my critic fairy, I just went in an started playing ART like I know how. Just do it. And don't you know, I gotta have some tissue paper on my page.
More later,


  1. Hi Sharon,
    Still lovin' the lady in the upper left corner! The cover is gorgeous.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Sharon, I think this is absolutely awesome. I wish I could shade a face in like that. I guess I need more practice.

  3. Flinch or funk or's all good! Your work is NON-STOP fabulous, Sharon!

  4. Visiting from Michelle's... Awesome work! Please send me some flinch or funk which ever will get me to produce something like that!

  5. Sharon, I like your flesh journal. What a clever idea.


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