Friday, November 24, 2006

Homemade Christmas Prezzies

Yesterday I told you about setting up a card table to make another art mess. Here is the scene. I'm taking the picture from my computer chair which is actually in my studio. Sure enough I made a mess and had a ball doing it. (Yes my bedroom joins my kitchen.)
So have you ever thought about illustrating a book before it has been written. That is what I did yesterday. YES. ART. FUN. THANKFUL.

This is a little home made present for a little special person. I have several to make. I have made an art journal or rather the beginning of a journal with an old unwanted book.

The recipient will actually finish it by adding their words, pictures, stuff and imagination. The gift will include some glue sticks, special markers, and of course a little bit of encouragement and instructions about altering the altered book.

I can't wait to see and read their stories.

See, I get to play in the book a little and then send it on for _______ and _______ and ________ to finish it. Actually, I may play a little more on some of the pages. When I get the cover art done, you know I will show you.
More later,


  1. Wow, what a fab gift. The pages are so inviting - just makes you wnt o journal.

  2. This is gorgeous. And what a brilliant idea! Imagine the face of the lucky recipient when they open their xmas pressie :-)

  3. Absolutely Fantastic! What a great idea, and you've created such lovely pages :)

  4. Oh Sharon these are just wonderful!!! GORGEOUS job and including the supplies is perfect invitation for them to create their own story!

  5. What a great idea...I love what you've done so far.

  6. Whoever gets one of these will be so inspired! Truly a priceless gift. ~Sharon

  7. oh man ! this is so great. I am now seeing the first book you posted and it is wonderful ! I am just enjoying all of the pages so much here ! The yellow birds page ! oh I love this !!!!!!!!!!!

    What a great gift. SomeBUDDY is very very lucky !

    You are so talented !

  8. You journals and how you do your pages are very inspiring to me...I love how you share your process.
    Best ~ Rella


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