Sunday, November 26, 2006

Another Gift Journal

Your comments inspire me so, here is more. I have made another Gift Journal. This one is for a him and don't you know I have a hard time not putting flowers on everything. This journal has 32 pages. I'll not show all but I thought you might have been inspired to make one so here is some more inspiration.
Just a little scrap of paper with a pirate on it and some metallic paint.
This is my favorite page so far. It is just an envelope glued on with collage of stuff and stamps.
The first thing I do after prepping the book is go through and paint each spread a different color or colors. It's fun and I have lots of these little bottles of acrylic paint to use up.
This page just has a "big girl crayon" border.
Here I used another envelope which was actually too big for the page so I folded it and added a little tab. The opposite page has a frame ready for a picture.
Cool word I found floating in the art mess.

Another favorite page. It is just stamps but can't you just imagine a story to go with it.

I've just learned how to do the curly things. They are fun and will frame the perfect picture.
Another envelope.
Running out of ideas.
Cool page. Pocket made with greeting card. Random tags.
Found a piece of stationary and split it.

Do you remember my "stash book"? I found some things I used from that source. Of course, I had to use some of my Mother's stamps. Then I dug through a collection of old envelopes and used them in various ways. These are so fun to make and I hope you will try it and then give me shout so I can come over and see yours.

I have had a great holiday and for that I'm thankful.
More later,


  1. Wow, I'm so impressed. You are on a go girl!

  2. Lucky man - another winner. And I've started one too.....couldn't resist such a great idea

  3. Aaaa ! This is so Kool and very inspiring !

    I loved being able to see the pages as if I was looking thru it.

    My favorite pages were the yellow with the border and the one with the tree.

    Love this book. Great idea.
    Love, S.

  4. Very nice! I never know where to start with those things... I have several books made of interesting paper... but I don't know what to do but look at them and say "This paper is really cool". I'm glad to see SOMEONE gets use of those. :)

  5. Sharon, these books are amazing. The pages are all so inspiring.

  6. these are BEAUtiful pages! Oh, I want to try, this is going on my "list"! I especially love the yellow one and the one's with the tree painting. I love all your art here, I have to go look at everything else now! ~Lia

  7. I have one word for you...YUM YUM! These are so wonderful to look even if they were left just like this. Oh I hope the receiver of these will go forth and embellish and then allow you to share with us! SO COOL!

  8. Hi Sharon!
    So nice to see a comment on my blog....especially being a newbie and all. I'm really still just trying to figure this whole blog thing out. I do find it very FUN!! And.....YES(YAY!!) I made the deadline!!! :) Yahoo!!! Okay, I'm alright...go check out the updated pic.
    Take care!


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