Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Baby Bird Update

Have you ever seen such a beautiful blue?
And now five eggs in this box. Last week there were only two. You can recognize that it is the same box because of the feathers in the nest. This box is in the vicinity of my chickens and guineas. This is the first time I have seen blue birds use feathers. Beautiful decor don't you think? I could see the eggs through the entrance hole and so I took the picture with the lens aimed through the hole.
Here is another blue bird box. Notice there are no feathers in the nest. The picture below is of this box. I thought you might like to see the neighborhood with the carpet of wildflowers.

The last picture of this nest was mom looking up at us. I never got to see the eggs. Chickadees are not afraid and always just sit real still and allow our visits. We always ask permission and knock lightly on the box before opening it. This picture was taken Sunday afternoon when Tim and I made the rounds of all the nest boxes. I looked again this afternoon and they are now fully feathered and look like they could fly any day. I picked one up...couldn't help myself.
Here is the baby red bird that I showed last week. The other two eggs did not hatch. This was taken Sunday and I checked on it this afternoon and she/he is gone. We had a wind and rain storm last night. I really don't think she was ready to leave the nest.
Mud Swallows on my porch hatched. I mean it looks like they just hatched. Picture taken Sunday.
I am doing a little art but nothing to show yet. There is just so much other stuff to see at this time of year. I hope you enjoy seeing God's ART.
More later,


  1. I'm so thrilled that I discovered your blog! What an amazing post!

  2. What a wonderful window into birdland you created for us. Those blue eggs are like jewels.


  3. Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Precious little babies... I would also have to pick at least one of them up...

  5. and I thought watching the birds feeding at my bird B&B was exciting...I am blown away by these nests and new life. Isn't that color a wonder of nature?? You are so lucky to have all of this around you. I love birds - I think we need to build some things they can use for nests. Not sure we'd ever get bluebirds though, if we did I think the neighbors would hear my excitement!! heehee
    Great pics!!


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