Wednesday, April 11, 2007

More She Sacs

The bag in the middle above is my loaded art-to-go She Bag. (You've already seen it). The two on either side are She Sacs and I shared the fused art pieces Sunday while they were in progress. Aren't they fun? I'm showing front and back of each below. I simply can't seem to get decent pictures.
"She was honest she wanted everything"

"She look thoughtfully
and she said
I'm going to marry"

"She thinks you wouldn't like it"

The She Sacs are faster to make and smaller. Each has a pocket on the front and a pocket on the inside. What do you think? Are you getting tired of seeing these?
More later,


  1. Love the She Sacs !!!

    xxo- lots of work !

  2. Goodness NO! I'm not tired of seeing these beautiful SHE bags. I'm just wondering when you are going to start selling them?
    They are beautiful ~ all of them! So full of personality and so FUN!

  3. these are absolutely beautiful.

  4. They are great you have been very busy. Love them all!

  5. Doubt I will ever tire of seeing these. You are so clever.

  6. Am I tired?! No way! I love love the hawaiian print fabric. Fabulous!!

  7. Getting tired of looking at fun and pretty purses? are you kidding? is that possible? I Love your print selections. beautiful work!


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