Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Birds

You might remember that I showed this cardinal nest in an earlier post. The nest was all ready and this little lady waited until the time and weather was right before laying.
Last Thursday evening I took a stroll around to the various nests and nest boxes and low and behold she had made three beautiful eggs.
Yesterday I went out to take a look-see....just hatched. Aren't they ugly-beautiful? I will check this afternoon to see if the other two eggs hatch. You never know but she is attentive. I can see her from my kitchen window.
Early January, Tim and GP(grandpa), my DH (dear husband), made new bluebird nest boxes. The old boxes were falling apart. Of course the sweet little chickadees appreciate the same accommodations as the blue birds. This was taken last Thursday and Tim reports that we have babies. I promised that we would take pictures this afternoon.
This is a mud swallow nest that is on my front porch. It is up high and I can't look down into it because there is no head space. I can just aim the camera into it. Surprise! They come every year and I'm not really happy of their location-location-location. However, we agree to disagree about that and let them stay. I do draw the line though when the choose directly above the door. I remove it and insist that they take their second choice. I have learned they will.
This is bluebird eggs and last Thursday there were two. DH reports that now there are five.
Updates on all and...
More later,


  1. Those blue bird eggs are so pretty! You are lucky to be hostess to nature!

  2. You got some great photos they are really neat to see.

  3. What wonderful little treasures. I hope they return to your garden to say thank you, when they grow up

  4. I have never seen such beautiful nests, eggs and little ones in person. It has to be a magical thing to watch. Beautiful photos! I hope that you'll give us an update...

  5. WOW...the NESTS!!! And those spotted eggs. Your photos of them are so perfect. Rella


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