Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Modigliani

Are you ready for this?
Did you try it?

Please overlook the funny wavy lines.

I don't know what that's about.

Did I tell you I got a new camera?

Jolt ahead.....

She made me do it.

OK, that was fun. I will finish tomorrow.
And then I think I will do it (Modigliani challenge) again and tame the colors a good bit.

What I really enjoyed was painting without a sketch.
That was a great challenge.
You should try it.
I will be up early tomorrow. So,
Enough for tonight,

Did you paint today?


  1. Beautiful!! And, no, I didn't paint today. Too many things to get done....I wasn't even in my studio at all. :-(

  2. No painting today, but i did sew! You really inspire me, and i am getting braver, when i get time I am going to give painting a try. I love your pieces, especially how you work over text and things. Wish i lived in US and coud take a class from you! Love the subtlty in your work.

  3. So beautiful....No I painting today, I help my husband to build in our garden ...You will see in a few days on my blog ....suspens.... ;-)


    Louloupi from Franc who loves your creations !!!


  4. i LOVE this technique. i tried it before i saw your blog post about mod...(spelling???), and now i can't wait to do it again. i've seen other artists use it, but i'm self-taught so sometimes i second guess what i "see" in others' work. it's good to know that my eyes weren't fooling me! i hope to paint into the wee hours of the night after church and food and fun with family. you are a creative blessing in my life. :)

  5. Beautiful piece, love your work...Yes, I paint everyday, I have been on a 5x5 collage kick. You can see some on my sites.


  6. Hei!
    Beautiful paintings,
    I love your work.
    I link you to my blog,
    hope it`s fin for you.

    Tove from Norway.
    I paint too:-)

  7. Hi Sharon,
    She's beautiful! Happy Mother's Day!
    I did paint today - violets in a vase for a class on Wednesday.

    Have a great week.
    Sandy :)

  8. It's lovely. About those lines -- I'm no expert but when I get strange stuff like that on my images, I open the image in Paint Shop Pro and choose effects. Sometimes you can choose "blur", or "reduce noise" or "despeckle". I try stuff like that.

  9. Well...I did start a painting, but I was busy with "other" art like making mail art for someone. I'm glad I waited coz I was going to do it all wrong. Your's is very nice.
    DH decided he wanted to move furniture around...guess he forgot it was Mother's day?
    I think your lines may have come from the patterns in the canvas and the way the light was hitting it. Kind of like when people on TV wear stripes and they go all wonky.
    Have a great week!

  10. Forgot to ask....what kind of camera did you get?

  11. Beautiful! paint?
    I can't draw or I come here and admire your talents..

  12. What a lovely effect - It always works so wonderfully together.
    I rarely paint these days, Monday is cleaning day anyway.
    BTW I think the wavy lines are down to downsizing of the photo. It happens to me when I re-size them in one go ( to 30% of the original size for example) Instead I realised that if I resize in several steps - say 85% several times, it does not do it.
    It also happens when you view a larger picture as a thumbnail. Something to do with the number of pixels...


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