Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Visual Journal

Tonight I started a new visual journal. Yes, I really did need another. It's not about needing, it's about wanting. Wanting a challenge.

I am inspired to alter this book using instruction and guidance from a booklet that Juliana Coles offered on her Etsy shop. It is from one of her Extreme Visual Journal workshops.

I followed the homework assignment which was to make your name as big as you can and decorate it. So that's what I did. Of course I had to use a napkin. Thank you Julie for the beautiful napkins.

Painting faces without sketches shall be my personal challenge for this visual journal. I want to be able to just pick up a brush and paint a face. Concentrate while brushing the paint on and seeing the face before it is painted. And that is what I've done. I consider this page finished. But if the mood strikes and I feel like adding more to this page, I will. Tonight, I have done enough. But in the future, it may not be


  1. Hello my dear friend Shron! Did you skip the A or am I not seeing it? Of course you needed and wanted a new journal. Don't we all? And what a glorious journal it is going to be. Everything on this page is wonderful. You showed already that you don't need a pencil, the face is alive and amazing.

  2. You're welcome! Your pages look beautiful! I am glad to see you received the package!!

  3. It's beautiful .....But Where is the A in sharon I don't see it .....

    HAve a good day ;-)

    Louloupi ;-)

  4. Your journal is so beautiful (and I dont think you can have too many journals!!!).
    Love how you have incorporated the napkins (your own personal stamp) and the decorated name...fantastic. Might have to try a page like that myself. You have inspired me (yet again!!!)

  5. wow, sharon! beautiful as always...thanks for the challenge. gonna try it soon.

  6. Your new post is wonderful. The woman is beautiful, so thoughtful and I love that the journal is about wanting a challenge! This summer I am challenging myself to be really creative, but I would love for someone to give me a more specific CHALLENGE! Roxanne


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