Monday, July 28, 2008

Hello Monday

During my lazy weekend I managed several naps. But mostly, I enjoyed feeding the birds and making sure the bird baths were full.
We are getting quite a show from the odd couple. I call them that because I have witnessed the darnedest thing. A beautiful red male cardinal is being seduced by a brown non-cardinal. We think she is a female purple finch which is brown. But not sure. I am positive she is not a red bird (cardinal). She sits on the bird feeder and does that little quivery helpless thing and he watches her and then they both cock their head back and forth (talking). Then he gets a seed from the feeder and feeds her. Have you ever seen that? The other morning, I was watching out the kitchen window while this love fest was going on and eventually he flew off. I kept watching as she appeared to be waiting. Sure enough, moments later he landed on the feeder with a juicy bug or worm and fed her. After which they took flight together out of sight. They seem to be a couple. Odd.

Regina, it's on the way. Thank you for being so patient with me. Just watch for the above.

And a big thank you to my commenter persons. I love hearing from you and I can't seem to catch up on my returns visits so I will start fresh this week. We still have lots of hot days of summer left here in Texas. I always thought I was a summer person but this year it's getting me.

Under new business: I received an envelope from Washington state just full of the most wonderful napkins. And this envelope had no name or return address inside or out. Let me thank you please.

Today I received a nice little stash of envelopes from Dragonlady in Florida. Thank you Brenda. And Brenda, I'm thinking the sisters will be going to the beach soon......probably Flamingo Beach. Do you know where that is?

OK, one last bit of Old Business: Today we celebrate 46 years. However, there doesn't seem to be a celebration planned. Other than he's gonna cook.




  1. That does seem odd...perhaps the little one is an orphan...a cat bird?
    Happy don't look old enough to have been married that long.

  2. Hi Sharon! Can't wait to see the sisters on the beach!
    Have a fabulous week.

  3. Sharon, Happy Anniversary!!!!!! Forty-six years is a long time. I say that from experience because my husband and I just celebrated our 42nd. Staying married that long is not for we must be pretty tough people...all four of us. I'm really proud of it, aren't you? So, have a nice evening....and he's cooking? How nice is that!!! When my husband is responsible for dinner...we either go out or he gets takeout, as he can't cook and as long as I don't have's fine with me. Now, about those birds! HE feeds HER? We have a " Cardinal couple" here also....but they fight over seeds! Stay cool.....Pat

  4. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you happy birthday to you Sharon, happy birthday to YOuuuuuuuuuu !!!!

    My birthday is 2nd august ;-)

    A lot of big big birth kisses!!!!!

    Louloupi ;-)

  5. Happy Anniversary, I agree with Mo'a you don't look old enough you must have been a child bride. Love the art, so free and loose, very inspiring as usual.

  6. Happy Happy Anniversary!!

    (I sent a padded envelope treat a few weeks ago...from California? I am pretty sure I sent a pink note with it...)

  7. congrats on your anniversary, doesnt it seem just like yesterday you said I Do (lol) I say that I have been married 35 years (somedays like 50)

  8. happy anniversary! And hey, cooking is a big deal for guys-- they sure are proud of their little creations, arent they?

  9. Happy Anniversary to the two of you. I'll bet it doesn't seem that long ago that you were saying your *I do's*. Amazing how time flies isn't it?


  10. congrats! Forty-six years is a great accomplishment in the world we live in today. You both deserve recognition for keeping your commitment through so many years. In August, we celebrate 20 and I look forward to the next 20 and beyond.
    Have a blessed week and I do love your blog!

  11. Strange about the birds. My second batch of babies flew off last week.Today they were chasing off a hawk that was perched on the back fence.
    Happy Anniversary!!! I hope he cooks your favorites. Next June will be my sister's 50th Annivesary (another trip home for me)we are planning something huge for that.
    xo suZe

  12. P.S. I thought the sister's would have suitcases in the next one...headed for CPS!

  13. Happy Anniversary! I'm a hopin' we get there, but we started later in life...

  14. Could it be a baby cardinal that just doesn't have all of it's color yet?

    Hey, congratulations on 46 years!!! That is SO awesome!

  15. Well, if he's a good cook, that's celebration enough! My sweetie is an excellent cook and has not touched a pan since I moved in...I was wondering about your odd bird pair. I believe the females are smaller and brown in the cardinal family. Now I'm off on a tangent to look on Google images. I'll get back to you! Happy 46th!

  16. The female cardinal looks purplish brown. Her beak looks just like his(the red cardinal)though.

  17. Hey!! I see your teaching at Papercowgirls retreat! Cant wait to learn how to make the box! this is soo weird but I didnt know your name was Sharon. I was looking at your pic and I was thinking wow you look like my mom! then I seen your name! My moms name is Sharon too!! how weird huh! haha oh well they say you have a twin somewhere in this world! hugs


  18. Happy Anniversary Sharon...Boy that went by fast. You see, I am having my 45th in August...yikes!
    You know that I love all your art, you never seem to run out of idea's.
    Thank you for coming by, I am glad you like Sunflowers too.
    Hugs, Mary

  19. Congrats on the Aniv!! what a cute 'love' story!! Glad your weekend was great!!!

  20. Congrats on your 46 years!! (Seems like only yesterday, huh? NOT!) We had 42 this year. Time flies when your having a good life!

    Love your odd couple story. Hope they're happy, too.


  21. OH MY GOODNESS......I remember wishing you a happy anniversary not that long ago!!!! Already a year has passed. Yikes. Well, Pet, Happy, Happy Wedding Day. Quite an accomplishment in this day.

    xo Rella


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