Sunday, July 13, 2008


Good morning my bbff,

I have not been creative and therefore have not blogged anything and when I do that ....let time lapse between post, then it is hard to open that door again. And please don't think me unappreciative of the blog awards. I get so overwhelmed with them that I don't know what to do. I am so honored that you think of me/my blog with such nice honors. I will do a proper post when I am put together better.

I have been spending some time in my yard, just walking around with the water hose and then some minor little accomplishment happens. Like moving a lawn chair from the garage back door to the Klimt patio. And then sitting down in the swing and thinking about how I need to make a nice colorful Klimt like pad for the seat. Fun. Maybe that is what I will do today, I have been feeling like doing something with fabric and I do need to mend that pink sheet. But I sat down at my desk and looked again at that journal page that you told me was OK to leave unfinished and I forgot what I was inspired to do to it to finish it up. I was reading a blog and saw a window that reminded me of another project that I was inspired to do a while back. I have two old "falling apart" windows in the garage and I was going to check and see if the size would work to "frame" the first two Sister painting prints. I will take a tape measure and check that out. I need to make a couple of napkin swap mail art envelopes. I received some more this week. Beautiful. And I need to paint a little class sample and write a short synopsis of that. Sorry, not in the mood for that. I just read blog that said she takes cue from her pets. ....when they want to eat, they eat, when they want to sleep, they sleep. when they want a drink, they drink.......I'll be thinking about that all day and I will go out and sit in the swing and watch my chickens. I want to see what they are doing when they want to lay an egg. And when I want to make ART, I will make art. Yesterday, I was looking for that picture of my Mother sitting on the bench and being beautiful. The one where she has a very slight little pooch and I had figured out that I was there. I found the picture but I did not find the pieces of the puzzle that I had already put together to learn of being there. That discombobulated me. That stack or pile of pictures are in a card board box along with my baby book and other stuff. I surely need to get that organized or at the very least in a proper acid free storage something. I got another store bought hair cut and I was going to show you a picture of that. As a matter of fact, I was going to start exposing my self a bit more here like maybe a picture a week for this whole year. I started that and thought to do that on "my day" but now I'm already behind. Discombobulated.


  1. Yes, I've been there.....many times.

    Thanks for visiting me Sharon. Things look really nice here. I'll be back!

  2. It's for you .....

  3. Blessings Sharon : ) you need some time to be dis-combobulated and re-generate yourself to do more of your beautiful art in whatever medium that may be, paper, glue, fabric, buttons, napkins - what ever !!!! as the teeeeny bopppers say, ha : ) will ALWAYS check in and see whatchaup to !!!
    Love & Blessings, Sandra in AZ

  4. Sometimes your mind just needs a break! And that's OK! you'll be back arting and posting when it's time :) Have fun watching the chickens!!!and letting your mind wonder~ hugs,t

  5. Sharon,

    Sometimes we just need to take time for ourselves and just be. You deserve a break so take one.


  6. Discombobulated.... A word I love. We all feel like that every now and then. It's OK. It means we need to stop, sit, and watch where the chickens lay their eggs; in other words, be and pay attention.

    I love those photos of your mother!

  7. Be kind to yourself huh? Sleep, rest, dream ... and come back together again.

  8. The word for this year is enougn...
    Maybe that is it for a while. Enjoy the stillness and listen to it. Gina

  9. Those photos of your mother are so beautiful--- they're so sweet in they capture her happiness and youth so perfectly. Cant wait to see what your windows turn out like!~

  10. Hi Sharon,
    Just got back from my painting convention and am trying to get caught up on all my favorite blogs! First, Happy belated Birthday! Love all the art! and the greens - oh my - love greens and those colors imparticular - yellow citron looks amazing with some white mixed in as well. One of my favorites is Bayberry same brand!
    Have a blessed week.
    Sandy :)

  11. Take some time for yourself: rest, rejuvenate, enjoy nature... You deserve it! I'll keep checking in on you.


  12. I am there today. But if I am honest with myself, it is really because I know I have things that I am obligated to do(like really clean for company coming). Only, this is not what I want to do(I want to create). So, I get stuck in that 'limbo' land...Ok, I'm really, truly going to begin the dusting and free that from my mind! Have a great day!

  13. Being outside seems to be just what you need. I have just discovered your blog, and your art work is lovely, thoughtful, pensive and a little moody. How beautiful! I hope you feel better soon. Your mother is very beautiful. Roxanne

  14. Hello discombobulated!!! Lovely to hear from you again.
    Just wanted to let you know that I received my WONDERFUL package with napkins and bits and bobs...going to have a play this weekend. As you said, use them straight away or lose the spontanaety!!! I do that all the time, I am such a hoarder (of beautiful things).
    Take care of yourself Sharon and thank you for sharing those beautiful photos of your mother.

  15. Sharon.....I will join you on the swing..LOL! I am having the same kind of feelings right now and it is hard to stick to anything:( I love the pictures of your mom and you:D So sweet!!!!! Hope this doesn't last too long.....I am getting frustrated with myself! Linda

  16. I really enjoyed this post and your beautiful pics of your mother.

  17. The pictures of your mother are beautiful Sharon. I just luv them
    Looks like you have emerged from the chicken yard now...this post made me think about my grandparent's large chicken yard. It was fenced in by tall thin cedar posts behind the house. The hens and (sometimes) mean roosters ran around freely, and I loved to feed them. Mostly I loved to gather the eggs from the chicken boxes though~"Be careful and look first before you put your hand in there...there may be a chicken snake in there!!"...and "Don't take out the egg with a big X on it, it is the laying egg!"
    Thanks for helping me remember this today =)


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