Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sister Stories

There doesn't seem to be time for art this week. So, I thought I would share some sister stories with you. The first one is about a Sister family of cousins.

I met a newcomer to our little town last week. She saw my sister group prints from the original "Sisters' Reunion" painting at our local floral shop. Her sister family story was about five cousins and one of them, the second born, had already earned her crown in heaven.

And so my new friend wanted 4 prints of a group of five sisters to gift for Christmas. But she wanted the one with the crown to be the second from the end. We looked at the cropping possibilities and the grouping shown below was the only way to get the sister with the crown second from the end. It was the wrong end though.
We both agreed that we liked the crop of the five sisters that included the house even though the sister with the crown was on the end. I have this print hanging on my gallery wall here and as she was about to leave, my new friend commented that it was OK and noted that the four are standing together and the one with the crown was apart from the group. And I said, "yes, she is the first one, the first in line, the first one to earn her crown."
What I want to say is that it is absolutely an amazing feeling have a part in someones story. My fantasy story evolves and comes alive for me while I am painting. And then someone comes along and knows the real story.

My new friend came back yesterday to tell me how touched each of the cousins were to receive her gift. They each knew immediately who each of the sisters represented in their story.

Expect blessings,


  1. What a beautiful story, Sharon, to go along with your beautiful sisters. smiles...

  2. A wonderful story. Thanks for sharing it. :)

  3. Very cool story. Funny how fate works.

  4. Hi Sharon,
    That is a story to fill your heart, forever.
    Your creative talent has made the sister always together, in your painting. Nothing can ever take that away from them.
    What a gift, you have given the sisters.
    It makes me adore your art work, even more.
    Your amazing !!!!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Forgot to say, I LOVE THE -PAINTING, too. I love the teal house and everything.
    Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. A beautiful story!
    It just gives you a good "warm" feeling...I am glad you shared it with us.

    I hope yo will have a very Merry Christmas

  7. What an awesome story!!! Thank you for sharing it with us!

    Hope all is well with you ~ Merry Christmas!


  8. Sharon that is such a touching story!

    So when you say crop, are you actually manipulating your scanned images in a software program and then printing them for her? What customer service!

  9. That is such a beautiful story! Isn't it a wonderful feeling to have something that you created touch someone the way this your "Sisters" painting did her?! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Answering

    The original "Sisters' Reunion" painting has eleven sisters in it. I can crop various groups from that painting and then print to accomodate your sister family. Way cool!

  11. What a magical story Sharon. Just perfect for the Season. Thanks for sharing the moment(s) with us.


  12. What a lovely story. It's amazing how our art can touch lives.

  13. What a great story and a wonderful experience, for you and also the sisters who know the "real" story.
    Makes all that effort worthwhile, doesn't it? Not to mention that you LOVE making the effort. Do take care and have a great holiday season...Norah too.

  14. I love how you said that your story comes alive for you when you are painting, and then someone comes along and knows the real story... Those are the magic moments when creating art is not only selfish enjoyment but something much more. Isn't it great to know that your art touches people in such a way? Amazing.

  15. I just got my newest edition of the Somerset magazine and there you were again! Way to go. I noticed they are having a 'sisterhood' theme for people to turn items in for due in Feb. Sounds like you'll be in there more?!

  16. That is such a good story; what a gift you gave the family. From God, through your hand.

  17. Sharon,

    I love this story. I love how it came about and how you can manipulate the painting to make it work.



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