Saturday, December 06, 2008

Expect Miracles

What fun we had today.
You and I, that is.
I got up at 5am and I know you were here.
Because you have been quietly waiting for me to return.
It was just a lazy break.
That's all.
I saw something Friday and quickly sketched the resulting inspiration.
I'm just saying.
It was quick.
But the vision was in my head.
At 5 o'clock this morning,
I knew I would be painting "Sisters" today.
This group of five were Angels last December.
I usually don't pay much attention to who they were.
And sometimes can't recognize them after transfering and repainting.
Today, I made a note before repainting and thought it would be fun if the person who purchased the original happens to pass by again and see the Angel Reunion.
From the top:
swirling about
into my heart
a poem
So, I'll shut up now and just show.

My process.
You've seen it before.
She is one of my favorites.
In addition to painting sisters this year, I started painting without a face sketch.
I always start with the eyes.

And I always have to move them down.

Thank you again Kathy for the vintage plastic doilies.
I just love it.
I used Golden Molding Paste.
And let it dry.
But I didn't like it so I scrapped it off and used paint.

And thank you again Fiona for the new "dreams" (butterflies).
You know I do reach a point where I forget to pick up the camera.
But that's OK, you were here looking over my shoulder.
Weren't you?
So quiet.
No one said a word.
Here is a print from my new painting.
If you will now speak up with a "sisterly" comment,
you just might be the winner of this little print.
Expect Miracles,


  1. Your work is so beautiful and soft...the way I feel about the women I am fortunate to have in my life.

  2. I love all these new sisters; just as I always do when you introduce them to us!

    Sherry in Little Rock

  3. Hey, sister friend! I'm back at the computer some so thought I'd check out what's up with you. Might have known! You're about the best I've ever seen at actually realizing a vision from your head into a dazzling painting! Love this one. And Loved the pics of its evolution, too. thanks for that.

  4. Wow. You did this just today? I think my word for the new year will have to be "practice" so I can do these sorts of things. :)

    It is absolutely beautiful!

  5. A sisterly sister would tell me to get a haircut.
    I love your work and spescially the sisters.

  6. Well, another work of "sister" art. And another beautiful one at that! I've missed you due to family matters the last couple of weeks...good to see more of your wonderful it. Have a great weekend. Pat

  7. How adorable. I think it wonderful. (My sister would say I was being dramatic).

  8. I love this painting. My eyes keep wondering around and around. There is so much to see. If you were my sister, I would say to you, "Another beautiful painting from my beautiful sister." Since we are "sisters in art," I will say the same to you: Another beautiful painting from my beautiful artist sister.

  9. I love it. I loved it the moment I saw the title. You see, I am in need of a miracle, myself.

  10. This is simply outstanding, my friend. And may I say I just love the title "Expect Miracles", love, love that.

    xo Rella

  11. Great to see you back Norah... Love your sisters, in fact if I did win it, I would like to pass it on to a dear art friend, who just lost her BEST friend, who she has been like a sister to since they were 12 (37 yrs in total). She is totally crushed and her friend survived breast cancer, only to die from a stroke last week.

    So it's a reminder to hug your sisters (including your girlfriend sisters).

    Natalie Briney
    Western Australia

  12. Oh yes, I would love to be the winner of that lovely little print. Indeed!


  13. Hi Sharon,
    I have enjoyed all your artwork. You are such an inspiration. I have learned so much from your blog !!!
    Wow how amazing.

  14. Love The angels, love the process. I am so fasinated by the whole thing. I am so glad I found your site AND remember to come by often.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Until later,
    Judy N in Minnesota

  15. I wasn't quiet...I was screaming the whole time! It didn't seem to bother you. I LOVE this piece. I was wondering where the heck you were...I missed you.
    This was worth the wait...Pick me! Pick me!
    xo suze

  16. The angel sisters are beautiful and seasonal. Love the step by step.I'm fascinated to see how all the layers build up.

    Glad you had a lazy week . It can get a bit mad at this time of year.

    Good to see the butterflies in action too

  17. I love to watch the artist's creative process and your work is always so beautiful!

  18. This is one of my favourites, I think that about all of them. I love the way you've used the doily, they look like very graceful angels.

  19. You did it again, another beautiful work. There was no sister for me in my family and always wanted one so I've found my own over the years.


  20. This piece is so beautiful. I just found your blog recently and I will check by often. Your process is wonderful to see. I love the way the faces evolve out of the fog.

  21. I love seeing your working process, it really demistifies things for me! I love the mouding paste through the doillies too. Such an amazing layered look to things.

  22. Missed you and your piece is splenderiffic! I think we all need a miracle of one sort or another. :)

  23. This is stunning, as is your other work. I just discovered you through a friend. Thank you for sharing your process!

  24. I was having big Norah's art withdrawals so I was reading your past blog entries, which is a pleasure by itself. My sister is not in this reunion and she is missing out, because this is a beautiful painting.

  25. p.s. I have 'Into My Heart' original hanging from the faerie light vine above my bed. xo Rella

  26. p.s. I have 'Into My Heart' original hanging from the faerie light vine above my bed. xo Rella

  27. lovely sharon, i always love sopping by and seeing you latest creations xx

  28. I have been quietly reading and enjoying your site for some time now and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy it and the sisters. Beautiful and inspiring work Sharon, thankyou so much for sharing, oh and cheers to Norah too for all her fabulous input. Love this work its just wonderful, cheers from Aussie!

  29.'s been so long since I visited and commented..but something made me drop by today and when I did I found THE most gorgeous piece of work! I absolutely love it. The detail with the doilie really makes it gorgeous. They are truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing the process.

  30. Oh, so pretty! I love the sisters all together. Gorgeous girls!

  31. You are “one lovely blog” come by my blog and pick up your award!

  32. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Love the way you used the doilie as a stencil.

  33. I have just started painting so thanks for being an inspiration to me..and how interesting to transfer images.

  34. Love the sisters again and golly!!! just love it when you use those doilies!!! :)

  35. What a gorgeous painting! I love seeing your process!!

  36. Oh, I love this! and watching the process is always so fascinating. I just think the colors and the mood of it is so moving. I love how visually inviting it is!

  37. Sharon, I just love this new piece!!! Thanks so much for sharing your process with us also! A truly beautiful painting.

  38. Oh Sharon your sisters are so beautiful... I love the ethereal quality of this one and how those beautiful butterfly wings break the boundary of the painting.

    I love the halos, quite partial to them, especially this time of the year. That plastic doiley is fantastic. I have been keeping my eyes open for one at the charity shops but to no avail yet. Wonderful art tool.

    I have fingers and toes crossed, I am touching wood as I would love to have a print of these beautiful new sisters.

    Mmmmm 5am start... was Norah tapping you on the shoulder this morning?

  39. I also come to your site seeking inspiration and now in a sisterly way, you've shown me your process of painting a beautiful Holiday painting. Wonderful!!!

    Happy Holidays.

  40. My sister's name is Teresa, she is 15months older than me. I call her 'Mother Teresa', as older sisters are sometimes a tad bossy, but only because they love you and know best:-) Love the new piece, I want a plastic doillie, and I NEVER thought I'd be saying that!
    Lovely, lovely work!

  41. Love your work and would love to have a print.

  42. wow--- this is simply stunning! Magnificent!

  43. I love your painting and the idea is great. Love everything about it!

  44. I see I am too late for a chance at this lovely creation. But I am so happy I got to see how you created it = just fantastic and very generous of you to give it away! So much lovely artwork here!

  45. What more to sya, its stunning!

  46. I absolutely love this piece. It has an ethnic feel to it and has a multicultural flair. Thank you!!!
    It is gorgeous.


  47. Dear Sharon, I love your work. When I feel lonely, I check your blog pages. Then I search through your faces... and I choose that one that in away mirrors what I'm feeling...
    I just want to thank you for being out there and for sharing with us, with me, your art, your wishes your dreams...
    Healthy and Happy new year...
    Love from Greece,


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