Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I resisted

I'm telling you I have resisted and resisted and resisted this jewelry making thing. Well there are just so many hours in a day and I am so devoted to having a paint brush in my hand and I knew that there wasn't time for making jewelry and besides that I don't even wear jewelry because I am allergic to all metals but gold and silver so I'm just sayin, she wore me down. (big breath)
Don't misunderstand me. She hasn't nagged or anything like that. It's just the exquisite pieces she makes are exactly what I would wear if I could.
I never doubted the fun to be had making jewelry. No, not for a moment. I knew I would fall hard for it. That is why I resisted. Hear ye, hear ye, I'M HOOKED.
And look here, you can repurpose old costume jewelry that can be found at thrift stores and garage sales and maybe even in you own hoarding spot. Join the fun at Of Towers and Turrets and find out how.


  1. Oh my gosh I could almost write that post word for word. I've resisted any kind of jewelry making, as if I don't have enough
    to do or already have a bajillion supplies...and I don't even wear jewelry 'cept for my wedding band but this jewelry would be what I would wear and maybe once I make one I might actually wear it. I am so excited for the class to begin! Is it Friday yet?

  2. yeah, I've got the t-shirt, too. sigh.....Well, you only go around once so you might as well have some fun, right? :)Bea

  3. Well I am allergic also, I have some that I have made and the chain is tiny beads and the closure is all beads. It started from ear piercing, the allergy. So even my knee replacements are titanium and some form of plastic, but not plastic like an action figure.:>)

    So this class has been bothering me to a point of frustration as I look all the time and am a member of Nora's Art so I can see photos and such. But yes I know, about junk jewelry and cutting on it and hammering on it. I even bought a jar of very old buttons that look brass and have been polishing on them, I can cut the shank part off.
    I best not say what else. I want your class to be a total success.

    We have a wedding on Sept. 5 our oldest daughter is getting married.
    So, thinking of things in that direction also, the wedding is not here.

    But then to see what your doing with the hammering and the fun, I know I can do that, gosh I could be a supplier. :>)

  4. I resisted the call of the metal also...once upon a time. I have always been a painter, but once I got to hammering and sawing I was hooked. I am so looking forward to the class Friday because I can draw, paint, and make jewelry!

  5. Oh....there is SO much fun to be had. Who could resist? Or even want to?? Come...to the dark side! ;)


  6. Sharon be hooked and enjoy.LOL
    All art is so cool.
    You only live once,right.
    I love these creations,just fabulous ...
    Your so awesome !!!!
    P.S. I have been busy getting my daughter ready for collage.
    Sorry have not visited for awhile,I have missed amazing you.

  7. Oh, Sharon, go ahead and have FUN with it. What's it going to hurt? I say "live it up!" We aren't going to live forever so go for the gusto, as they say. I am doing my best to see what all I can do with fabric, thread and beads, even though my unfinished quilts are yelling at me to focus on them. Bah, I say....let me continue along trying every little thing that catches my eye. I think maybe we are really magpies collecting objects at random. Fun, isn't it?
    You take care and enjoy, pat

  8. Oh, yes...it is very addictive ( in a good kind of way =) of course!

  9. ..."even your own hoarding spot"
    aaahaha! My husband calls me a hoarder- have loads-n-loads of crafting items I almost never use yet refuse to toss.
    Have a happy day ـث

  10. I'm allergic too but I do where things anyway. Sounds like fun and I can see why she might get you into it. Her work is wonderful! It makes sense for you two to combine forces.


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