Thursday, August 19, 2010

Imagine and Wish if you will

Wish and Imagine
if you will.
Or is it
Imagine and Wish?
Wish from you heart
Imagine with your mind.
I know I'm not making any sense but when I put these two "sweet spots" on the screen,
it made me start wondering which comes first.
I hadn't even realized they are connected.
I guess it's a "chicken and egg" thing to ponder.
You really shouldn't look at these this big because you can see all the little flaws. The little face on the top can be covered by my thumb.
The bottom one is covered with two fingers.
For some reason, I really enjoy painting tiny faces.
♥ Sharon
PS....I'll fix that black hole on her that I can see it


  1. They are really that small? How do you do it? When I try a small face it has no character at all... or such great shading. That's why you teach :-) and I learn. Black hole? Do you think anyone saw it before you pointed it out?

  2. Oh all the time this wishing and imagining, it is just there and one never thinks of the separation that much as they do blend.

    I am noticing these eyes on the last few post that are more closed, it give the face such a different look, and one earlier has a nice curve that was so pretty to me. They eyelid curved in a senuous way, and I like a senuous look that isn't there on purpose, it makes for feeling close to the painting in an emotional way.

    So lovely so small not to mention motivation as one enjoys looking.

    My last post has an add spot in the eye, a mark from a stamp. I have not removed it yet. The computer does not miss a thing does it?

    Hope your well, not too tired, doing double duty and trying to keep up with all that you feels needs attention. think of you often.

  3. Love the shading in the top face and the eyes in the bottom. I don't see the nostril as needing any work but you are the expert! Great as always!

  4. What black hole on her nose???? All I see is a beautiful face........two of them!!!

  5. would the really small be necessary for the next workshop though?
    working really small i should ask
    these are beautiful and so is the sentiment
    kind of like poetry

  6. I'm surprised they are so small with so much detail.

    I think I have to imagine something first and then wish for it.


  7. Hi Sharon. These are wonderful and I don't see a black hole. I just see a very wonderful "Sharon face" and I love every one of them. They are all so you. I just love everything you create.

  8. I simply love what the two of you are doing!!!!!!! Fabulous work. Wish I could be there in person.


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